30+ Drag Names: Variety Of Different Names And Famous Drag Queens

Drag names are an important asset to the Queens who own them.

Clever drag names speak to who the Queen is and how she rules her Queendom. Luckily, there has been great queens leaving legacies throughout time that modern drag queens can look to for inspiration.

The perfect queen name has a bit of everything: sass, sexy, cleverness and humor.

Some queens choose to use their male names within their female drag names such as "Alyssa" of House Andrews. Others chose to use a less presumptuous route by entirely feminizing their masculine names such as, Alexis Michelle.

The most popular drag names on the internet are the punny names, which involve promiscuousness in a clever and absolutely hilarious way.

Some of these names can also be seen as over the top to some, but nonetheless, these extreme drag names help queens make their mark on everyone they meet.

Great drag names can be understood in a matter of seconds upon hearing or reading it. However, the best drag names will leave you in stitches.

To a drag queen, however, whatever name truly represents her will be a name for life. Which is why we've also included a bonus list of 16 awesome, feminine drag names who give queens the power they need to shine.

Drag queens, after all, are more than just a clever name. They're masterful artists and influencers.

The top drag queens in the US rule in NYC, Las Vegas, LA, New Orleans and Chicago – obvious areas due to their gay-friendly reputations. Some of the names that we've included are from the US but also areas that go as far as the UK, India and Australia.

Get ready to have a laugh and truly be inspired by these fierce and fabulous queens.


Top 20 Clever, Real and X-Rated Drag Names

Drag Queen (Robert Rodi Essentials)
  • Rodi, Robert (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 308 Pages - 01/15/2013 (Publication Date) - CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (Publisher)

As mentioned above, arguably the most popular form of drag name involves a clever yet naughty edge to it. There's good reason for it. Not only are these names clever, but they possess the type of no holds barred attitude that gives so many drag queens their power and influence.

This list of 20 clever, real and X-rated drag names involve names of famous drag queens. That being said, an article on drag queens isn't worthy if the drag founders weren't mentioned.

The term "drag" or the act of men dressing in women's clothes can be dated as far back as the early 1800s.

These incredible original queens set the stage – literally – for so many modern-day drag queens. This happened at a time when it wasn't safe to dress in such a way, which made it even more inspiring.

Now, thanks to the founders, drag queens all over the world are living their best life as the queen they were always meant to be, with a name that adds to their flair.

Due to the risky and promiscuous nature of these names, we have rated this list as R.

​​Karen from Finance

​Freida Slaves

​Anna Bortion

​Avery Goodlay

​Anne Fetamine

​​Annie B. Frank

​Sham Payne

​Lucy Stool

​Sarah Palegic

​Penny Tentiary

​Olive D. Cox

​Sharon Needles

​Kim Chi


​Penny Tration​

​Dee Licious

​Novo Caine

​Courtney Act

​Hedda Lettuce

​Farrah Moan​

​Top 16 Feminine Names of Famous Drag Queens

Some of these drag names belong to famous drag queens. These queens are considered famous for good reason.

Let's take Divine for instance.

Divine was a legendary American actor, singer and of course, drag queen. She starred in movies such as Pink Flamingos and Hairspray, and simply owned the screen. She was brash, in your face and a fabulous inspiration for many.

She owned a simple yet powerful name that is now a historical reference.

Divine is just one of many icons from this list. See if you recognize any:

​Chi chi LaRue

​Cookie Buffet


​Donna Sachet

​Honey Mahogany

​Jackie Beat

​Cynthia Lee

​Deborah Ombres

​Heather Haldane

​Kelly Mantle

​Lily Savage

​Nina Flowers

​Rae Bourbon

​Regina Fong

​Sky Gilbert

​Yara Sofia

​Drag Names at a Glance

Drag queens have a variety of different names, however they all hold a similarity.

Great drag names are able to supper a drag queen's identity and therefore her power and appeal to so many.

Drag Queen Baby Name Book

While there are many drag queens these days, there's only one Lucy Stoole, Olive D. Cox or Courtney Act. The confidence and glamour these names bring to their owners help the drag world become more accepted, respected and influential.

After all, drag is more than just clothes. It's a way of showing the world who you really are – and there's not much else that's as powerful as that.

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