50 Great Horse Names for Your Steed

Whether you’re looking for horse names for a real horse, a horse in a video game, or a horse for your novel, here’s a list of 50 great horse names separated by category. Historical horse names, fictitious horse names, famous racehorses, and more can all be found here.

Historical Horse Names

Champion: Gene Autry, famous actor and singing cowboy, named many of his horses “Champion.”

Gun Rock: In the 1920’s, Gun Rock was the name of a famous horse in the United States Cavalry used to sire cavalry horses.

Bucephalus: Alexander the Great had a famously hard-to-tame horse named Bucephalus.

Comanche: A famous US Army horse who was given a military funeral.

Marengo: Napoleon’s horse, Marengo is famous for having traveled over 3,000 miles.

Palomo: Palomo, a white horse ridden by Simon Bolivar during his campaign.

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Black Jack: The last horse commissioned by the U.S. military.

Incitatus: Perhaps the only horse to hold public office, this was Caligula’s steed.

Sergeant Reckless: A horse that held an actual rank in the military of the United States.

Chetak: Maharana Pratap’s war horse, who fought in the Battle of Haldighati.


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Race Horse Names

American Pharoah: A famous racehorse that won the Breeders Cup Classic and the American Triple Crown in 2015.

Best Mate: An Irish-bred horse that won the Cheltenham Gold Cup three times.

Northern Dancer: Won the Preakness and the 1964 Kentucky Derby.

Carbine: Bred in New Zealand, this bay stallion won over 30 races and sired other champion races.

Greyhound: This grey gelding, also known as the “Grey Ghost,” is considered one of the best trotting horses of all time.

Storm Cat: This stallion is famous for siring over 108 winners, including eight champions.

Secretariat: A Triple Crown winning horse.

Ruffian: Famous for winning ten races in a row.

Curlin: Once highest-earning racehorse in America.

Eclipse: An undefeated racehorse from the 18th century.

Fictional Horse Names

Achilles: Achilles was the name of Phoebus’ horse in the Disney version of “The Hunchback of Notre Dame.”

Silver: Perhaps one of the most well-known horses in fiction, known for the Lone Ranger’s call of “Hiyo Silver, away!”

De Lu: The name of the horse ridden by Liu Bei in the Chinese story “The Romance of Three Kingdoms.”

Gunpowder: Gunpowder was the name of Ichabod Crane’s horse in the movie version of “Sleepy Hollow.”

Bree: The name of the horse from the C.S. Lewis “Chronicles of Narnia” book, “The Horse and His Boy.”

Brego: In “The Lord of the Rings,” Aragorn rides a horse named “Brego,” and it saves his life on more than one occasion.

Binky: In the “Discworld” books by Terry Pratchett, Death rides a steed named “Binky.”

Argo: The steed of Xena in the TV show “Xena, Warrior Princess.”

Rocinante: The horse of Don Quixote, the errant knight in the story by Miguel de Cervantes.

Glue-Boy: A comedic name, given to the horse of a funny gunslinger named Cuthbert in Stephen King’s “The Dark Tower.”


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Mythological Horse Names

Llamrei: The name of King Arthur’s horse in specific versions of the Arthur story.

Sleipnir: The eight-legged horse of Odin in Norse mythology, Sleipnir was considered the “father of all horses.”

Gringolet: The horse of the grail knight Gawain.

Tulpar: A horse from Turkish myth, he was said to have the body of a horse and the wings of a bird, much like the Pegasus of myth.

Kelpie: Does your horse like the water? Kelpie is a water horse of myth.

Phobos: Ares, the God of War in Greek mythology, had a fair-breathing horse named Phobos that drew his chariot.

Widow-Maker: The famous fiery horse in American folklore, ridden by Pecos Bill.

Tianma: Another horse with wings, Tianma hails from Chinese mythology. Hence, his name means “heavenly horse.”

Epona: The goddess of horses in French mythology.

Pegasus: The most famous flying horse in mythology.

Fun Horse Names

Domino: Have a horse with black and white coloring? The horse name “Domino” is enjoyable, evocative, and memorable.

Pepper: A horse with gray coloring, or even gray and black coloring? Give it a name like “Pepper.”

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Oddball: Have a horse with a strange demeanor? That’s Oddball.

White-Socks: A classic horse name for a dark horse with white or light coloration around the ankles.

Silence: A mysterious but quietly beautiful horse name, Silence is perfect for a fast, humble horse.

Arizona: Place names can create a unique-sounding horse name, and a name like “Arizona” or “Dakota” suggests an Old West flair.

Odyssey: A name that invokes a sense of travel and wonder, perfect for the trail.

Fat Chance: A great ironic name for a fast, winning horse.

Barbie: Always wanted a Barbie dream horse?

Shooting Star: A name that invokes speed, power, and surprise, Shooting Star is an excellent name for a fast horse that leaves expectations in the dust.

A Horse Name for Every Occasion

A horse named “stallion” isn’t very exciting, so hopefully, you’ve found a name here that perfectly suits the temperament of your new steed. Think about getting a horse as a significant investment. Hence, make sure you don’t give your steed a horse name you’ll be unhappy with.