400+ Cute Baby Names

All babies are cute, hence they deserve a cute name to go with their cute little faces.

Picking the right name for a baby is not an easy experience, but it is what everyone should aspire to do, expectant mothers and fathers will fight over a lot of things but baby names are always going to top the list.

Your husband wants to name your child after his high school buddy, or his after his military buddy, or ,maybe he lost a bet at work and now he wants to name your baby “super bowl” arrggh! Men.

Women are not left out, you have picked out cute baby names since you were a little girl and now your hubby  doesn’t like the name.

You go back and forth for months, your cute baby boy or baby girl has arrived and yet you and your partner have not agreed on a perfect baby name.

Your parents want to steal your thunder and put a name in your head, yes, it is a cute name but you do not want them to name your baby, since they didn’t ask for your help in naming you.

10 Things to Consider When Naming Your Baby

  1. Spelling: You should avoid names that are difficult to spell, except that is what you need
  2. Pronunciation: Commentators will hate you for this, there will be awkward moments when you tell your friends the name of your baby is – Djilobodji (Apologies to all Djilobodjis’)
  3. Gender Identification: When you are picking a cute name for your baby boy, that cute name for your boy is not a cute girl name, unisex names are fine but don’t be that parent that names their daughter James.
  4. Stereotypes: Hector is associated with Spanish descent, some names are automatically linked to some tribes and countries, I cannot count how many times I have to explain my surname to people, when some one hears my surname, they assume I am from a specific tribe, so save your kid the explanation, Sergio is cute name, maybe not for a Chinese baby.
  5. Sound: The jokes we made when an exchange student told us he was from Djibouti, forgive us it sounds like “Tha Booty”, the way the name sounds matters, have mercy on your kid, playground jokes are cruel.  Pick a name that sounds pleasing, sound is what makes a cute name.
  6. Nicknames: Some cute names come with natural nicknames, Stephen will end up as Steve, Theophilus will be Theo, Philip will be Phil. Ensure the cute name you pick for your baby does not has an unappealing nickname.
  7. Meaning: The name might be cute but does it have a postive meaning or a negative meaning? Find out.
  8. Popularity: You should avoid popular baby names, the name does not have to be unique, but it is never nice to have 6 girls named Rose in one class.
  9. Initials: Initials are minor but important details, the devil is in the details after all. Jack Hoffman could easily be – Jerk-off-man, you get the drill.

Cute Names For Baby Boys

Now that we have considered what could go wrong, let us take a look at cute names for baby boys.

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