Top 100 Best Cat Names

Are you looking for a cool cat name or a unique cat name for your pet? Then, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve gathered 100 of the most well-known and best cat names around to get you started.

These 100 cute cat names are the most popular cat names in the world. So, whether you have a black cat, a white cat, or a multi-colored kitten, we’ve got you covered.

​Popular Names For Cats: The Inspiration

You might notice that many of the best cat names on this list are human names. Well, it turns out that the top 100 cat names are actually inspired mostly by our own names.

There is nothing wrong with a kitty having a human name anyway, as long as it is not done to spite anyone. Names such as Molly, Bella, Angie are not just lovely human names but can also make for cute pet names for your cat. 

​Top 100 Cat Names of All Time

​Below is a list of popular cat names that cat owners should consider calling their pets. We’ve classified them according to gender. So, if you’re looking for male cat names, female cat names or gender-neutral names for cats, you can jump right into your desired category.

Best Female Cat Names


























​Miss kitty


















Best Male Cat Names








































Gender-neutral Names for Cats



















​Picking a Name for your cat

My Name is on the list!!!

From each of these cute cat names, you can also find new ways to create your own unique pet names. If you’re lucky, you might even end up with a list of funny cat names to call your new kitten.

Now, if you still can’t make up your mind, here’s what you can do. Let’s just say you’re looking for black cat names. Pick a name or a few possible names that you feel comfortable with and write them on a piece of paper. Check back the following day and if you still feel the same way about any of those names, keep them. Repeat the process until you end up with only one name.


  1. sex
  2. sbo
  3. Mae
  4. m88
  5. wilferdseo
  6. w88
  7. mov
  8. w88
  9. w88
  10. Mae
  11. us