Funny Nicknames for Girls: 50+ Ideas For Teasing Or Terms Of Endearment

We all know how boys love to tease girls. One of their favorite methods is by giving them a funny nickname.

Some nicknames for girls can be simply... ridiculous. Others more on the cute side, and some are downright annoying.

Boys like to nickname girls they like, girls they're friends with or girls their dating. No matter what sort of relationship you're in, there's most likely a perfect name to drive the girl crazy!

This being said, we also know how obnoxious these funny nicknames can be.

So, girls, if you’re reading this, by all means feel free to take one of these names and use it against the boy who has nicknamed you.

I'm sure calling a boy "cuddly wuddly" or "twinkletoes" will encourage him to discontinue all annoying gestures and actions... almost immediately.

Happy name hunting!

List of Funny Nicknames for Girls

a cute little girl pouting her lips and brushing the makeup brush unto her face as she plays

This list of funny nicknames for girls ranges greatly. Most of them hardly make any sense, but for the names that can be logically described, we have included a short write-up for each one.

Honey suckle

For a girl who is sickeningly sweet!

Pooh bear

Class name for a classic cutie.


Although you may have heard your mom call you this, switching it around on a girl can be pretty funny!

Pumpkin head

Is the girl you're trying to annoy a redhead? This will do the trick.


Another word for silly, this is a cute and catchy name.


Another classic nickname for girls.

Bubble butt

If the girl's butt is shaped like a bubble, this is a great name for her! That being said, bubble butts are awesome.

Baba ghanoush

Although this is the name of a delicious roasted eggplant dip, it can also work as an effective nickname.


If the girl you're nicknaming can be a bit of a... well, prude, then this is a cute name and way to let her know.


Dixie is more cute than funny, but can be used for any girl you think it fits, for whatever reason!

Snuggle muffin

If the girl you are wanting to nickname loves to cuddle, this is a great name for her.


Lots of girls can be considered cheeseballs. If the girl is sappy and super loving and cries when she sees a puppy, she's probably a lovable cheeseball.


This name is basically just nonsense.


Cute and funny name for a girl who loves... you got it. Pancakes.

a girl cuddling her stuffed toy while she is sleeping

Cuddly Wuddly

Another cute name for a girl who loves to cuddle.

Ninty Minty

A nickname for a girl who smells like mint.


A great fit for a girl who has awesome fuzzy hair.

Winky Dink

We have nothing to say about this nickname except that it could possibly be seen as funny.


Chipmunks are cute! Great nickname for a cutie.

Flower butt

A nickname for a girl with a pretty butt.

Angel face

More cute than funny, this name is great for someone you think is beautiful.


A snickerdoodle is a delicious cookie, rolled in cinnamon and sugar. Think it fits someone you know?

Cheeky Monkey

This is a great nickname for a girl who can be delightfully cheeky.

Baby boo bum

This is simply a ridiculous name but is cute and somewhat funny as well!

a cute girl with flowers on her head gigling

Cutie Pie

A classic nickname for a cutie!


If the girl you want to nickname can't stand still, this is a great nickname for her!

Bun butt

For butts that look like perfect buns!

Peach cheeks

This nickname is for girls who have cheeks that are as soft as peaches.


If the girl you want to nickname has the cutest giggle, this is a great name.


A sweet name for a girl.


This name is another ridiculous baby name that doesn't have much meaning to it whatsoever!


A nickname for short girls.


Sweet and fruity!

Itsy Bitsy

Cute name for a small girl.

Snuggle Bear

Another great nickname for a girl who just loves to snuggle!


This is a funny name for someone who snorts when they laugh.

a cute little girl with pouting lips while on the swing


For girls who are fun like jazz.


A funny nickname for a girl who is wild!

Princess pants

If your girl is a bit of a princess, this is a great name for her.


This name is great for clumsy people!

Tofu Panda

For all the vegetarian cuties out there!

Strawberry cheeks

This is a cute nickname for someone who has naturally rosy cheeks.

Cotton Candy

For someone who is sweet and maybe a bit puffy-haired.


This name is great for squirmy girls!

Pumpkin Pie

Who doesn’t love pumpkin pie?


This nickname is great for fuzzy-haired ladies!

Honey buns

Classic cute and funny nickname for girls.

Chocolate bun

What's your favorite bun?


For the girls who love to pinch!


This is more of a cool name for a girl! It has a great ring to it.


For all the girls who love cheese.

Funny Nicknames for Girls: Additional Notes

These names are for a bit of inspiration. Nicknaming can be fun – and one of the reasons for this is because they can be personalized based on the special characteristics of the person you are nicknaming.

What's your favorite funny nickname for girls? Let us know!


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