The Greatest 50 Dark Female Names To Spark Fear In Your Heart

gothic girl

To be fair, dark female names will only spark fear in the hearts of some people. Others will appreciate the beauty in darkness, it all depends on your point of view. After saying that, it’s difficult to imagine a baby called Morticia.

What Makes A Female Name Dark?


Some of the names on our list of 50 actually mean “dark”, such as Mara, Kali and Leila. But others have become dark by association. Christine was a perfectly nice name until Stephen King decided to use it as a name for an evil car. You can blame the author for another name on the list, Annie. If you don’t know why, I strongly suggest you read up on your Stephen King Novels.

Some of the names on this list haven’t been used a lot, if ever, in the past, but because of associations that have settled in our minds, there is no chance at all of them ever turning up in baby naming books now. Names like Cersei and Melisandre, for example. And you really have to pity anyone with the surname of Lannister. And we won’t even begin to discuss Joffrey.

Many of the name on the list were created to be dark. Maleficient, Elvira, Morticia, are all names we know as dark cartoon and tv characters. If you’re going to name your daughter one of those, you are sentencing them to a lifetime of bad jokes and black clothing. Bellatrix and Narcissa are in that category as well, although I imagine there are a lot more Hermione’s about now.

You may argue that Clarice shouldn’t be on a list of the top 50 dark female names. After all, Clarice was one of the good guys. The problem is, that now when we hear the name “Clarice” we hear Hannibal Lector saying it in our minds.

Joan has been included on this list, because it sounds harsh when you say it out loud. And if you’re of a certain age, when you hear Joan, you immediately get a mental image of Joan Crawford’s eyebrows, and images of “Mommie Dearest” closely follow that. Aileen is on the list for similar reasons. I doubt that there’s been a child named “Aileen” since Aileen Wuornos, the serial killer, was caught.

The Biblical Influence on Dark Female Names


No list of dark female names would be complete without at least one or two directly from the bible. I always thought that poor old Delilah got a bit of a rough deal, but I couldn’t leave her off the list completely. Between her hairdressing skills and Tom Jones, there was no choice really.

Lilith is an interesting one. Although she doesn’t appear in the bible, depending on what you believe, she is either a Goddess, Demon, Vampire or Adam’s first wife. Speaking of Adam, Eve makes the list because her name is one that seems to feature in a lot of horror movies, which might be a discussion for another day.

  1. Raven
  2. Drusilla
  3. Malificent
  4. Elvira
  5. Cruella
  6. Esmerelda
  7. Morticia
  8. Belladonna
  9. Absinthe
  10. Clarice
  11. Lilith
  12. Ebony
  13. Corvina
  14. Zelda
  15. Hilda
  16. Griselda
  17. Bellatrix
  18. Narcissa
  19. Cersei
  20. Dolores
  21. Joan
  22. Regina
  23. Aileen
  24. Desdemona
  25. Rosemary
  26. Wednesday
  27. Delilah
  28. Annabel Lee
  29. Ophelia
  30. Salem
  31. Venefica
  32. Neco
  33. Jezebel
  34. Caligula
  35. Mara
  36. Kali
  37. Leila
  38. Odette
  39. Odessa
  40. Medusa
  41. Ivy
  42. Veruca
  43. Morgana
  44. Melisandre
  45. Endora
  46. Mary
  47. Christine
  48. Annie
  49. Eve

You could probably add some of your own names suggestions to the list of dark female names. The school bully, the strict teacher, that girl down the road that you can’t stand but are not sure why. The name itself is just a mix of letters put together and it doesn’t become dark until you begin to associate it with darkness.

As we’ve learned from Sir Anthony Hopkins, some names aren’t dark until they’re stated in a particular way or with a particular tone of voice. So, if you’re looking for a dark female name for your baby, and none on the list appeal to you, you can always choose an ordinary name and pronounce it in a creepy voice.

Above is a list of many dark female names that you can refer to briefly. Of course, it is now also popular to make names into pins, PVC patches, and other goods. Many people will use these products as clothing accessories, or pinned on backpacks, and hats, to show their most fashionable side.