Amazing List Of 50 Red Hot Girl Names: Naming Idea Bucket

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Names are always ebbing and flowing in popularity, and it’s sometimes hard to keep track of what girl names are “in.” Here are 50 of the most popular and exciting new girl names, old classics that have made a resurgence, and location-based names that are on the rise.

Old School Girl Names Making a Comeback

marilyn monroe


​Emma is the most popular name in America right now, and is both classy and warm.


​While Scarlett O’Hara helped this name become popular in the ‘60s, Scarlett Johanssen is leading the current resurgence.


​Evelyn is elegant and old-world, but has the fantastically fun nickname of “Evie.”


​A Spanish version of “Elizabeth,” this name means “God is My Oath.”


​Lillian is named after the lily, which has long symbolized purity and innocence.


​Another flower name, but comes with the nickname “Vi” for a more punk-rock attitude.


​Both a tree and a color, Hazel makes a fitting name for a girl with hazel eyes.


​Though originally a man’s name, Piper is making a resurgence.


​Stella is a unique name because it has a pretty meaning (star), but the name itself is strong and butch.


​A classic old-school name, perfect for fans of Eleanor Roosevelt.

​Hot Girl Names Based off Locations

brooklyn neon sign


​Named after the state, it evokes a Western feeling. Also the name of famed actress Dakota Fanning.


​A gritty name for a girl who isn’t afraid to throw down.


​A classy name for a woman who wants that old-world vibe.


​Savannah speaks of southern charm and warm evenings.


​Named after a city in Australia, it has the great nickname “Addy” to fall back on.


​Home of the famed “Library of Alexandria,” this city was considered one of the all-time greats in history.


​It’s a city in Arizona and the name of a mythological fiery bird that never gives up.


​A unisex name, Camden can refer to the city in New Jersey or in England.


​A Native American name, Cheyenne is somehow both elegant and earthy.


​After the Mediterranean island, Sicily is sharp, memorable, and shortens to “Sissy.”

​Non-Traditional Girl Names



​A name for a flighty girl.


​Taken from “Creole,” it’s a great name that invokes Louisiana cooking and culture.


​Dania means “God is my judge” in Hebrew.


​An old name, one that makes you think of dark castles and vampires.


​Meaning “light,” Lux has the awesome hard, mono-syllabic punch to it.


​Paz means “peace.”


​Meaning “life,” source of the word “vitality,” Vita works for a high-energy girl.


​What better name to use than the one shared by the goddess of women and fire?


​An exotic-sounding name, Circe was a witch in Greek myth.


​Means “elven” or “like an elf” in Irish folk lore.

​Historical Girl Names

historic lady


​The most famous Clara, Clara Barton, founded the American Red Cross.


​A sassy name for an oft-misunderstood Biblical character.


​Named after Harriet Tubman, a slavery abolitionist and one-time spy during the Civil War.


​The name means “peace,” and reminds people of Frida Kahlo, the famed Mexican artist.


​Not just the name of a video game princess, there was also Zelda Fitzgerald, famed wife of the author of The Great Gatsby and a flapper icon.


​A pretty, floral name that also belonged to Rosa Parks, the civil rights icon.


​Japanese-American Yuri Kochiyama was a champion for human rights.


​An old Greek name, meaning “light and glory.”  


​A poetic-sounding name, shared by famed author Zora Neale Hurston.


​For “Ella Fitzgerald,” one of the finest singers in history.

Noun Names for Girls

80s rocker chicks


​A clean, refreshing name that also sounds exotic.


​Squall means “small storm” or “powerful wind.”


​One of the most expensive spices on Earth, Saffron fits for a lady of good taste.


​“Virtue names” like Charity and Constance are making a big comeback.


​A bold name, Tigra only works for a girl you know is going to be fierce.


​Snow is clean, pure, but also powerful.


​Another virtue name, it also calls back to Sojourner Truth, the famed woman who created the Underground Railroad.


​A beryl is a jewel, but it’s not as famous as ruby or emerald.


​Taken from “glacier,” glacia is a strong name, a girl who can push through any obstacle.


​Named after the type of cloud, Nimbus has an eccentric, fun tone to it.

​The Right Name for a Hip Girl


A name can stick with you forever, or at least until you go before a judge. Make sure you’ve found the right hot girl name that will be hip, fresh, and most of all memorable. Who wants another Sarah or Jennifer when you can drop a name like “Beatrix” into a conversation?



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