Here Are Some Of The Best 50 English Names For Any Occasion

Looking for an English name for an English baby, or do you just like the classic styling of English names? Either way, here are 50 solid English names to get you started.

Historical English Names

  • Horatio – For Horatio Nelson, famous admiral who demolished Napoleon’s fleet at the Battle of Trafalgar.
  • Darwin – The last name of Charles Darwin, the father of evolutionary science.
  • Isambard – Now that’s a name; no one’s forgetting the name “Isambard.” Named after the famous engineer of the industrial revolution.
  • Owain – Owain Glyndwr was the last Prince of Wales born in Wales.
  • Aleister – While Aleister Crowley was a controversial occult aficionado, he had a killer first name.
  • Elizabeth – You can’t go wrong with naming your daughter after Queens of England.
  • Florence – Florence Nightingale is widely considered the mother of modern nursing.
  • Julie – A solid name, shared by Mary Poppins herself, Dame Julie Andrews.
  • Jane – A clean, elegant name that will never go out of style, it also pays homage to Jane Austen, one of the most famous authors of all time.
  • Diana – For the beloved philanthropist and the Princess of Wales.
  • Boudicca – A famed warrior queen who rose up against the Romans.
  • Victoria – Queen Victoria reigned for 63 years. Could be the name.
  • William – Shakespeare. Enough said.

English Names from Fiction

  • Ludwig – Prince Ludwig, a Blackadder character, is a villainous prince who ends up killing the Queen and then disguising himself as the Queen.
  • Albus – The first name of Professor Dumbledore, Albus means “white.”
  • Maximillian – For the British professor character played by expert actor John Rhys-Davies in the show Sliders.
  • Arthur – Maybe myth, maybe fiction, maybe real - either way, there’s no going wrong naming your son after the most famous King in the world.
  • James – The name of a few notable nobility, James is also the first name of Bond. James Bond.
  • Adrian – The author of Frankenstein, Mary Shelley, also wrote the first post-apocalyptic story titled The Last Man. In it, Adrian is the final heir of Britain.
  • Mycroft – Everyone knows Sherlock, but Mycroft is the name of Sherlock’s older, more intelligent (if lazy) brother. Shortens nicely to “Mike.”
  • Basil – There are quite a few fictional Britons named Basil: Basil Exposition from Austin Powers, Basil Fawlty from Fawlty Towers, and Basil of Baker Street.
  • Rupert – An old-fashioned English name, also the given name of the watcher Rupert “Ripper” Giles in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
  • Jessica – For “Jessica Drew,” the Spider-Woman of Marvel comics.
  • Ebenezer – You don’t see a lot of “Ebenezers” running around, but Scrooge is ultimately a heroic character and should be honored for it.
  • Austin – For Austin Powers, baby.
  • Boycie – A nickname for Herman Boyce, a wealthy character in the sitcom Only Fools and Horses.

Most Popular English Names

  • Olivia – A lovely name that rolls off the tongue, Olivia also means both “olive branch” and “elf army” in different languages.
  • Sophia – Derived from Latin (sophistry, sophomore), Sophia means “wise.”
  • Lily – You can never go wrong with a flower name, and lilies represent innocence and beauty.
  • Emily – An English name with (you guessed it) a Latin origin, Emily means “industrious” and “ambitious.”
  • Ella – A simple name with a cute meaning, Ella is an English name that means “beautiful fairy.”
  • Mia – Mia means “rebellion,” so good luck.
  • Oliver – The #1 most popular boy name in England, Oliver, like Olivia, means “olive tree” and “elf army.”
  • George – An English name, most famously used by St. George the dragon slayer, George has the humble meaning of “farmer.”
  • Leo – Unsurprisingly, Leo means “lion.”
  • Charlie – Charlie and Charles are about as descriptive a name as you can get: they both “man.”
  • Ebenezer – You don’t see a lot of “Ebenezers” running around, but Scrooge is ultimately a heroic character and should be honored for it.
  • Jackson – Though it can mean “son of Jack,” it also means “God is gracious.”
  • Harry – Not surprisingly, the name “Harry” is going nowhere with both Prince Harry and Harry Potter.

Less Popular (and more Unique) English Names

  • Mildred â€“ Though sometimes shunned, Mildred is a classic name that means “gentle strength” and shortens to the adorable “Millie.”
  • Bertha – You can guarantee your daughter will be the only Bertha in her class. Bertha means “bright one.”
  • Gail – While Gail is an English name, it comes from Hebrew, and means “rejoicing.”
  • Kailani – Though only a recent English name transplanted from Hawaii, it means “sea and sky.”
  • Neriah – Not as popular as it once was, Neriah is gorgeous and means “light of the Lord.”
  • Mia – Mia means “rebellion,” so good luck.
  • Langston – A rare English name, Langston means – appropriately – “long stone.”
  • Edmund – Some call it stuffy, but it’s also a powerful name of nobility that means “protector of riches.”
  • Clive – A simple name, Clive means “cliff,” after the famous cliffs of England.
  • Roger – A popular English name during medieval times, Roger means “the famous spear.”
  • Ian – With a name like “Gift from God,” Ian is hard to beat.

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