40+ Of The Best Hedgehog Names You Can Name Your Adorably Pointy Friend


Have you ever seen a hedgehog that wasn't absolutely adorable?

If you've ever owned one or held one before, you probably understand the level of enjoyment hedgehogs can provide, just by looking into their little button eyes. You can watch them nearly all day as they wobble around with curiosity. Throw another pet into the mix and you have a full show!

There are actually 17 different species of hedgehogs from all over the world! Hedgehogs tend to be very vocal and will grunt, squeal or snuffle, depending on the species. This makes them even cuter!

If you've recently bought a new hedgehog, you're probably at the naming stage – which can be tricky! You need a name that represents your new little friend in the most fitting way. You probably think your hedgehog is the coolest in town, so with all that fame comes a need for an equally cool name.

Before choosing your hedgehog's name, you should keep in mind your hedgehog's color and personality in order to decide the perfect name. Getting to know your hedgehog and all his/her little quirks will undoubtedly help you discover a suiting name that you'll adore for years to come.

Lists of Hedgehog Names

Below, you'll find four categorized lists to choose your name from. You can even try mixing some names up to create middle names for your hedgehog as well! Have fun with it.

Girl Names

female hedgehog

The first list contains names for female hedgehogs. Some are cute, some are mighty, some quirky. Keep in mind what personality traits your little hedgehog chica has while browsing the names.

Is she strong and fierce? Is she a sweetheart? Maybe she has a sassy streak. Is she vibrant and full of zest? Whatever type of hedgehog you have, there's a name to match.

After you pick one, you can play around with the name to make it even more customized and unique!

  1. Pokeahontas
  2. Prickles
  3. Flower
  4. Angel Puff
  5. Diamond
  6. Fluffy
  7. Needle
  8. Pear
  9. Perriwinkle
  10. Sprinty

Boy Names

The second list contains names for male hedgehogs. Whether your hedgehog is shy or loves attention, hilarious or dopy, there's a perfect manly name for your hedgehog.

Did you know that hedgehogs are immune to snake venom? That makes them even cooler – and even more deserving for an awesome name!

Remember you can take this list for simply inspiration. Depending on the personality of your hedgehog, you may want to tweak your favorite name a bit to have it suit your hedgehog even more.

Every unique hedgehog deserves a personalized name!

  1. Spike
  2. Sonic
  3. Harley
  4. Thorn
  5. Punk
  6. Roger
  7. Sneaky
  8. Blade
  9. Runner
  10. Turbo

Funny Names

male hedgehog

 Hedgehogs' spikes or "quills" make them susceptible to an array of different opportunities for puns. We could have continued on including different names that include these puns, but it probably would have become a bit ridiculous after a while.

That being said, the possibility for funny hedgehog names is great. Funny names can work very well as a middle name if you want to give your beloved hedgehog a name that is more respectable or unique to his/her personality. This is the list to have fun with! Let us know if you can come up with any other funny pun names.

  1. Quilly Wonka
  2. Quilliam Shakespeare
  3. Bruce Quillas
  4. Shaquill O'Niel
  5. Shaquilla
  6. Quillie Nelson
  7. Quillary Clinton
  8. Edgar Allen Poke
  9. Quill.I.Am
  10. Quill Smith

Cute Names

One of the most defining characteristics of all species of hedgehogs is their cuteness. For an adorable pet, you want to pair it with an equally adorable name!

If you have recently bought or are planning to buy a baby hedgehog, these names are absolutely perfect for him/her. Naming the little guy/gal one of these adorable names will send their cuteness to overdrive!

Which one of these cute names fits your hedgehog's personality and adorable self?

  1. Hokey Pokey
  2. Quillypad
  3. Baby
  4. Pepper
  5. Kisses
  6. Hedgy
  7. Twinkletoes
  8. Button
  9. Muffin
  10. Skipper

Hedgehog Names Afterword

So, hopefully by now you have at least a few names in mind for your little guy/gal. The most important thing to remember when naming your hedgehog is to get to know him a bit before you make the final decision. If your hedgehog is a new addition to the family, he/she may take a bit of time to become comfortable with you. Hedgehogs tend to be quite shy for the first little while, but once you start showing him/her that you are gentle and loving, they'll open right up and show you who they are!

Do you have any hedgehog name ideas? Message us or post below and let us know! We'd love to hear from you.


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