50 Funny Nicknames For Guys: Countdown From Cute To Crazy


 Most of us have been given nicknames at some stage of our lives. Some nicknames we’ll have loved and some we’ll have hated. It’s probably safe to say that the nicknames we’ve hated are the ones that have stuck. That’s why you may have met a 73-year-old man called “Bubba.”

Celebrities and politicians seem to acquire nicknames quickly and I would imagine that most politicians don’t like theirs at all. And we’ve all heard those cutesy couples nicknames that last long after the relationships have ended. Brangelina anyone?

While it can be easy to see how some people get their nicknames, for others you really need to know the person well to be able to figure it out. Some are ironic. How many tall men do you know called “Tiny.” Some can be blatantly obvious, requiring no creativity at all. “Ginger” for example.

I must confess to being one of those people that prefer a crazy nickname to a cute one, but I also know plenty of people who are married to “Honey’s” or “Sweethearts.” However, I think you’ll agree that the most enjoyable nicknames are the ones that make you smile, or even laugh out loud.

Here’s Our List of 50 Funny Nicknames for Guys: From Cute to Crazy

50.         Tiny.                 For both tall and short men.

49.         Big Jim.         Or John, Harry, Peter, whomever.

48.         Honeybun.         Or variations thereof.

47.         Hubby.                 Particularly if he’s not your husband.

46.          John Boy.        For example. You can add “boy” to any name really.

45.        Blondie Bear.        For blonde men or TV vampires.

44.        Red.                Or Ginger, Ginge, Ed. (for Sheeran).

43.        Dave with the hair.        For a Dave with a bizarre haircut

42.        Just Dave.        For a Dave who doesn’t have a bizarre haircut. Only works if you know two

Daves. Or whomever.

41.        Baldy.                Works for those with or without hair.

40.        Gandalf.        For those with long beards.

39.        Snugglebunny.        Call him this in front of his mates, trust me, you’ll think it’s funny.

38.        Scooter.        Everybody knows at least one Scooter.

37.        Peanut.                For the vertically-challenged among us.

36.        Big Yin.                For fans of Billy Connolly.

35.        Goldie.                Another one for the blondes.

34.        Deadhead.        Only for those of a certain age, or those that have a certain hairstyle.

33.        Teddy.                For the more rotund man.

32.        Joey.                Or Jimmy, Johnny, Petey, Mikey, any name with a “y” or “ie” added on

the end.

31.        Rockstar.        For those that seem overly fond of themselves.

30.        Surfer Boy.        Self-explanatory

29.        Golden Boy.         One of those guys that can do no wrong.

28.        Superman.        For those extremely athletic guys. Or guys who like to wear their underwear

on the outside.

27.        Hulk.                For the big and solid guys, or the skinny ones.

26.        Big Guy.        Cute when it’s a young boy, not so cute when it’s an adult.


 25.         Shortass.        This is in the middle of the list as it can be either cute or crazy depending on

just how short he is.

24.        Bear.                One of those guys that you just want to cuddle all the time.

23.        Peter Pan.        For the 60-year-old comic fan or skateboarder

22.        Greaser.         For your local mechanic.

21.        Chugger.        You usually meet “Chuggers” at parties.

20.        Grumpy.        Or any of the other seven dwarves.

19.        Ned Stark.        For those guys that seem to lose their heads quickly.

18.        Hot Chocolate.        I’m sure I don’t need to explain this one.

17.        Soldier boy.        For guys in any of the armed services.

16.        Cowboy.        For country music fans.

15.        Meathead.        Self-explanatory.

14.        Buster.                Usually somebody’s younger brother.

13.        Cyclops.        For one-eyed football supporters.

12.        Egghead.        For the geeks among us.

11.        Fartstard.        Um…I’m sure you’ll understand this one.

10.        Half-pint.        It’s truly amazing just how many nicknames there are for short guys

9.        Hawkeye.        For archers, guys who never miss a thing, and fans of MASH.

8.        Ozzy Oddball.        For goths, and guys that are just that little bit strange.

7.        Romeo.                Ladies, avoid this guy like the plague.

6.        Hardman.        Crazy because often calling someone this nickname will get you into a fight.

5.        Bigman.        See above.

4.        Yoda.                For the guy that always finds the solution.

3.        Dracula.        For those with very few teeth.

2.         My Lord and Master.         Must be said in a sarcastic tone.

1.         Sue.                 You can blame Johnny Cash for this one.

Please note: I take no responsibility for events that occur after use of the above nicknames.


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