50+ Royal Names For Your Child

So, you’re expecting a new baby! HUGE congratulations. Getting ready to welcome a child into your life can be exciting as it can often be overwhelming. There’s so much you have to think of and prepare for: Reading up on how to raise a child, what they eat and when, what baby crib is the safest, what room colors are the most comforting… the list goes on.

On top of all this, there’s the need to find the perfect name.

If you’re experiencing difficulty deciding on a name, considering going with a “royal” name can be a fun and classy way to go.

Within the royal houses in Europe, including Britain, Spain, the Netherlands, and Sweden, there are a number of reoccurring regal names. Some royal names have been used by royal families over centuries, while others are new to the royal name lexicon.

These names typically suggest tradition, grandeur, and respectability. Royal names are also easily recognizable. This can help avoid any embarrassing situations when your child is at the school since more complex and uncommon names can be hard to pronounce. It also could become quite tiring for your child to spell out his/her name every time someone is unsure of its origin.

A great way to make sure your child has a stress-free future when it comes to their name is by choosing one of the classics. These names are also respected and as mentioned earlier, hold a sense of nobility and respect.

If you think your family and newborn will suit this type of name, this list of 50+ royal names is a perfect guide for you.bracelet with crown royal name

List of Royal Names  

To make your decision process a bit easier, we have separated the list of royal names into gender categories.

Whether you are expecting a little prince or princess, there is a classic and well-respected name in this list you can be sure to love for a lifetime.

A Royal Name for A Little Princess

When your newborn daughter is a true princess in your eyes, she deserves a name that is as grand and royal as she is. If you’re searching for a name that has an aristocratic feel to it, there are many options for you on this list for your baby girl.

These elegant and classic names are absolutely perfect for those who are looking for quaint monikers that have history, pride and holds a sense of true class.

This list is a collection of the most well-known royal names for your baby girl. Chances are, you can recognize a lot of them at first glance. For the names that require a bit more background knowledge, we have included links for your convenience.

  1. Adelaide
  2. Agatha
  3. Amelia
  4. Anne
  5. Beatrice
  6. Catherine
  7. Charlotte
  8. Clementina
  9. Dorothea
  10. Diana
  11. Eleanor
  12. Edith
  13. Elizabeth
  14. Frances
  15. Isabella
  16. Joan
  17. Margaret
  18. Victoria
  19. Sarah
  20. Cosima
  21. Helena
  22. Alice
  23. Albertine
  24. Gabriella
  25. Adela

prince-and-princess royal name

A Royal Name for A Little Prince

For thousands of years, there have been kings and princes who have ruled in England, Scotland and Whales. Along with this deep history, the names favored by royalty remain respected thanks to the noblemen who have owned them.

These royal names have carried through to modern time as well-loved and popular names for children. With so much history and respect behind each one, how couldn’t they be?

While some names fall dormant, others reappear centuries later as common names.

This list of royal names for little princes includes some of the most respected royal names of all time. While some are popular now, others are sure to find their way to the surface again due to their backstories and strong, influential origins.

While some of these names are easily recognizable, some may need a bit of explanation. For these names, we have included links to help you research the best royal name for your little prince.

  1. Alexander
  2. Charles
  3. David
  4. Frederick
  5. Henry
  6. James
  7. Nicholas
  8. Philip
  9. Victor
  10. William
  11. Xavier
  12. Thomas
  13. Stephen
  14. Richard
  15. Quincy
  16. Michael
  17. Louis
  18. Edward
  19. Brice
  20. Alfred
  21. Arthur
  22. Augustus
  23. Edgar
  24. Humphrey
  25. John

Royal Names at a Glance

Over the years, many different names have come in and out of style. However royal names have kept a strong influence on society.

These names have won respect and dignity over thousands of years, so with that history, giving your baby a royal name is definitely a smart choice.

Although some of these names seem to be “old,” they will always come back in fashion since they will forever be seen as truly classic.

If you want to give your baby girl or boy a classic and noble name, a royal name is for you. We hope you had luck with our list!


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