45+ Male Horse Names To Name Your Trusty Stallion Steed

Your horse deserves a name that suits his personality and gives him the status he deserves.

For many people, horses are their pride and joy – so choosing the perfect name for them is important.

We have come up with a top list of male horse names in alphabetical order so that you can choose the best name for your beloved horse.

List of Male Horse Names

1200px Mustanggelding img


If you think your horse is magical, this is the name for you!


This name is great for a special kind of winner. It's also fairly popular and easy for your horse to recognize.


If you've ever read the book, The Alchemist, this horse name can be pretty powerful.


If your horse is the color of amaretto, and you love the drink on ice, this may be the perfect name for him.


All time classic horse name. All horses love apples and there's something so freeing about imagining a horse munching on an apple tree in a field!


Ash is a great male horse name. It's modern and cool. If your horse has those personality traits and is the color of ash, this name may be right for you!


Bagel is an adorable name for a younger male horse. Why are bagels adorable? No idea. But they are.


Ol' Baloo is a lot of people's favorite character from the Jungle Book. If your horse reminds you of Baloo, and if you have kids who love Disney, this is a great name to choose.  


This is a pretty cool name for a horse. Short for Black Bandit.


There's something about horses and Westerns. And when you think of Westerns, chances are a banjo sound comes to mind as well. It's super fitting!


Barry. A straight-up man name. Sounds like the name of your old neighbor but can also be used for a horse with a lot of personality.


If you were a male horse, wouldn't you want to be called Batman?


Beau is a classic male horse name. If you have a handsome horse, this may be a great name for him.


Boxer is another cool name for a male horse – especially if another one of your past-time activities is boxing.  


Braveheart is a perfect name for a majestic male horse with lots of fierce courage.


Is your horse a fast runner? Want him to be? Bullet is a great name to call a racing horse.


If you believe in your horse's abilities, give him a proud worthy name.


Chico is, "guy" in Spanish. It's cool and friendly!


This is a cute name for a younger male horse – especially if you have kids too! They'll love it.


Did you raise a chubby horse? This may be a suitable name for him!


Regal and respectful. Colonel is a great name for an inspiring male horse.


Whether you have a mischief maker on your hands or if you're raising a racehorse, this is a great name.  

Mustanggelding img img


Again, another cute name for a younger male horse, especially if you have kids.


You think your horse is smarter than the rest? Give him a name that shows it!


Give your horse a name fit for a king!


Classic and awesome male horse name. In Latin, Felix means, "happy".


A mighty name for a male horse who's on fire!


Name your horse after the hero from Lord of the Rings. Frodo is a great name for a courageous, smaller horse.


Everyone loves Gandalf. This name is perfect if your horse is grey or white in color.

fast horse img


Harley Davidson. Enough said.


The boy who flew too close to the sun. If your horse is wild at heart, this is the name for him.


A fiery name for a fiery horse!


Simple, classic, to the point. Give your horse a name he deserves.


This name is both regal and modern. Which one is your favorite? Di Vinci or Dicaprio?


Marley is a cute name for a younger male horse. It's of English origin, meaning "from the march meadow."


Great name for darker colored male horses.


Moon is both a romantic and mighty name. Does this name suit your horse?


Cool name for a cool male horse!


Pirate is a great name for a male horse, especially if you have kids. Great excuse to dress up Pirate as a pirate for Halloween!

Prince Charming

White horse img

If your male horse is a big flirt, he should probably be called Prince Charming


In Spanish, Rico means, "strong ruler". If your horse is king of the castle and of a strongly-built breed, this may be the perfect name to use.


Rocco is a name to remember all the brave battle horses.


Rusty color horses will suit this name very well.  


Another great name for fast horses who deserve a meaningful name.  


Cute and classic male horse name!


If you grew up in the 60s or 70s, this name may say it all.

Male Horse Names: Which One is the Best?

Ultimately, the best way to name your horse is by getting to know it. Usually, his personality will tell you what sort of name suits him.

However, if you're still stuck, hopefully this list will help you choose the perfect name for your male horse.

What's your favorite?

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