50 Fun Fish Names for Your Pet Fish

50 Fun Fish Names for Your Pet Fish

You can’t exactly play with a fish or take it on a walk, but you can proudly tell your guests all of the clever fish names you’ve pinned to your sea-going friends. We have fictional fish names, hilarious fish names, mythical fish names, and more.

When you buy a fish, you’re not just getting a pet: you’re also picking up a wall decoration that could last a long while. Everyone who comes into your home is going to ask what your fish is called, and this problem can only magnify if you bought an entire fish ecosystem with multiple little swimmers.

Here’s a list of fun fish names to get you started.

Fictional Fish Names

Wanda – The eponymous fish with very bad luck from the comedy “A Fish Called Wanda.”

Destiny – The almost-blind whale shark that Dory hangs out within “Finding Dory.”

Edward Bloom – Technically the name of the dad in “Big Fish,” but he does turn into a huge fish at the end, spoiler alert.

Jonah – Technically Jonah is the name of the guy who gets stuck in the whale, but it works.

Klaus – The German-accented, smart-aleck fish from “American Dad.”

Jabberjaw – Jabberjaw is the name of the grinning shark from that old Hannah Barbera cartoon.

Muddy Mudskipper – The name of the angry fish from the “Ren & Stimpy” cartoon.

Bruce – The behind-the-scenes name for the giant shark puppet they used in “Jaws.”

Nemo – Can’t forget Nemo, though it also works as a reference to Captain Nemo of literature.

Blinky – Remember that adorable, three-eyed mutant fish from “The Simpsons?” That’s Blinky.

Water-Based Fish Names

Caspian – Not only a dashing name in its own right, it invokes the Caspian Sea.

Adrian – Another “sea” name, this one evokes the Adriatic Sea.

Jack – Like “Captain Jack Sparrow.” Make sure you call him “captain,” though, or he’ll get upset.

Mariner – An old term for sailor or fisherman, it makes a strong fish name as well.

Isla – Pronounced “EYE-lah,” it means “island” and is a pretty name on its own.

Coburn – Coburn means “where streams meet,” and works as a nice fish name, too.

Sandy – Sandy is a catchy name for a bottom-dweller fish.

Cerulean – A cool shade of blue with a tinge of light green,

Keel – Like the bottom of a ship, Keel works for a big, round fish or one that just clings to the bottom of the tank.

Coral – A great female fish name that also points to the gorgeous habitat.

Hilarious Fish Names

hilarious fish names

Gill – Obvious, of course, but “Gill” is short, sweet, and will get a laugh.

Sashimi – It sounds exotic, but it’s really just the name for sushi without rice.

Bait – Have a tiny fish that seems like it would work great on a hook?

Mr. Fisher – Mr. Fisher is great because it’s so formal.

Chum – Another classic fish name, especially if the fish isn’t very smart.

Finley – What else do you name a creature who has a bunch of fins?

Captain Scalebeard – For the fish who fancies himself a pirate.

Belly-Up – A good name for a fish that doesn’t look super healthy.

Fish flakes – Does your fish get a little too excited during meal times? This is the name for them.

Fisher Price – A first name and a last name, for the fish looking to make a name for himself.

Names that Mean Fish

fish names meaning fish

Hina – A girl’s name that refers to a goddess of fishing.

Sibeta – Another girls name, this means “white sucker fish,” and would work great for a bottom feeder.

Pisces – A great call out to the water sign, it’s also a name from Latin-America meaning “fish.”

Anthia – Anthia is a Greek girls name meaning “lady of flowers.”

Devisser -  Devisser means “the fisherman,” and might be a good name for a predatory fish.

Meenakshi – Perhaps a little strange, but this name means “having fish-shaped eyes.”

Fiske – An English name, it can mean “fish” or “Fisherman,” depending on the context.

Timin – Timin means “large fish.”

Minali – Minali means “fish catcher,” and would suit a carnivore fish.

Pat – Pat is a Native American boys name that means “fish.”

Fish Names from Ancient Myth

fish names from ancient myth

Nessy – Named for the Loch Ness monster, it might be a good name for a fish that hides behind the kelp.

Ika-Roa – Ika-Roa is the fish that created the entire galaxy in the Maori religion.

Leviathan – Appropriate for a huge fish or a small one, Leviathan is an ancient Biblical fish monster.

Afanc – A monster from Welsh mythology who dwells in lakes.

Cthulhu – A horrifying name for a scary-looking fish, it comes from an ancient god in the Lovecraft mythos.

Hippocampus – Technically the name of a magical seahorse from Greek mythology, but still relatively fishy.

Makara – Makara is basically the Hindu version of a mermaid.

Abaia – Abaia comes from the mythology of Melanesia. Abaia is an enormous mystical eel that could create powerful waves.

Bradan – From “bradan feasa,” an old Celtic myth about the “salmon of knowledge.”

Bunyip – A strange little beast, the Bunyip comes from Aboriginal mythology and can scream and cry to make predators run away.

Fishing for Fish Names

fishing for fish names

Whether you’ve got a tiny freshwater tank with a single goldfish or a huge saltwater aquarium with its own ecosystem of fish, you’re going to need a name or names that stand out to you, that makes you laugh or reminds you of something you love.  So don’t skimp on your fishes new moniker, and give him or her a name you’ll always remember.


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