10 Ways to Come Up With the Perfect Instagram Name

If you plan to use Instagram to promote your brand, you need to make sure you create an attractive bio that will compel visitors to interact with you. Instagram is a great platform for gaining exposure, but you need to make sure you use it the right way. One of the essential aspects of creating a bio is your username.

The key to having an effective Instagram name is to think of ideas that will make your profile easier to find. Additionally, you must make sure that your Instagram name tells your visitor why they should engage with you. They type of name you choose will depend on the people you wish to attract. The more unique your name is, the easier it will be to attract attention.

While this aspect is largely neglected, it can literally determine whether or not your marketing efforts will succeed in Instagram. If you’re not a celebrity or famous figure, you will need to get creative if you want to get the attention you desire. This post will provide you with ten ideas that will help you create the perfect Instagram name.


Use A Name Generator Tool

Brainstorming is one of the best ways to come up with a winning Instagram name. However, it’s not always easy. Fortunately, there are plenty of online tools that you can use to get the process started. Screen name generators provide you with an easy way to get ideas for your Instagram profile. You simply enter in a few keywords, and the tool will give you some potential monikers.

Here are some username generators that can help:

  • Spinxo – This generator allows you to select a few personal characteristics and enter in keywords it will use to generate names from which you can choose.
  • The Cool Name Generator – This tool allows you to get ideas for male, female, and neutral Instagram names.
  • Rum and Monkey – This generator allows you to choose from some different categories. These include Korean names, Minion names, samurai names, vampire names, and many more.
  • Screen Name Generator – This program gives you a name based on specific words you enter into the tool. If you have certain words you know you want to use, this tool can help.
  • Fake Name Generator – This tool gives you random names based on information you select. If you want, it can even create a fake profile for you as well!
    Best Instagram Bio

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Name generators are wonderful tools that will make it easier to create attractive Instagram names. Remember, this is a brainstorming tool — don’t just pick your name from the first list that is generated. Go through the process a few times to get as many potential names as possible.


What Are Your Hobbies?

Hobbies Perfect Instagram Name

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An effective Instagram moniker tells your visitor something about you other than your name. This is especially useful if your brand is directly related to your hobby. It gives your visitor something to which they can relate, which increases the chances that they will continue to engage with you.

Let’s say you’re a world-class bass player who is named Steve. Don’t just display your normal name. Instead, jazz it up by including something related to your instruments. Try something like @4stringsteve, or @madmanbassiststeve. If you are marketing to musicians, including a word that includes something musical will make you more relatable to those you wish to reach.


Play Around With Your Real Name

Perfect Instagram Name

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In some cases, you won’t have to spend a lot of time coming up with unique ways to combine words. If you have an uncommon name, you can play around with it a bit to come up with something that others won’t think of. However, if you have a more common name, don’t fret. There are a few tips you can try.


Let’s say your name is something like Craig Lewis. You can combine the two names into one. Try something like @Crewis. It may not work for everyone, but if you can find a funny way to mix the two, you will end up with a unique name. Another trick is to rearrange some of the letters. For instance, if your last name is Nash, you can use something like @shan.


Keep Your Audience In Mind

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If you’re marketing your company’s brand, it’s best to cater to your audience when you are choosing a name. Create a name that tells visitors what you do while also helping you stand out from your competition. Not only will this increase the chances of engagement, but it will also make it easier for people to find your profile.

One of the best ways to draw in people who might be interested in your company is to do some keyword and hashtag research. Use Instagram’s search functionality to look up keywords that are commonly used in your industry. However, you don’t want to choose the same keywords as everyone else if you can avoid it.

It’s best to look at keywords that relate to your company’s products or services that are not being used by other companies. When you focus on keywords that are not commonly used, you increase the chances that someone searching for that particular keyword will see your Instagram page.


Use Unique Characters

How to Create the Perfect Username for Instagram

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Don’t limit yourself to the letters of the alphabet. Get creative! Take a look at your keyboard. There is a smorgasbord of cool symbols and special characters at your disposal. Some of these characters can even create various emojis. Using characters such as *&*$ can jazz up your Instagram name in a way that helps you stand out from the more bland names.


Reference Your Location

Location On Instagram

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If you’re a local business, try to include your location in your screen name. Chances are, your visitors are people who are looking for a product or service in a specific area. Make sure you experiment. You might not want to just include your city in your name. In some cases, it might make more sense to use your county or even your state.


Check Out Other Profiles

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Why spend tons of time racking your brain to come up with new Instagram name ideas? If you’re feeling a bit sneaky, check out the profiles of individuals who are already popular on Instagram. Sure, you’re not going to steal their name, but perhaps other profiles can give you some ideas you can use for your name.


Use Your Title

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Ever heard of Dr. Laura? Dr. John? Dr. Dre? What do all these people have in common? They are all known by their titles. Okay, Dr. Dre isn’t a real doctor, but you get the idea. Not only can using your title make you sound more attractive, but it can also have a nice ring to it. If you’re a professional, think about incorporating your title into your Instagram name.

Of course, not all titles have to be real. Sure, you don’t want to masquerade as a doctor if you haven’t bothered to attend medical school. But you might consider coming up with a funny title that will make you stand out from the crowd. Instead of using a name like @jackryan, try something like @grandmasterjack. If you can make your visitor laugh, you get bonus points!


Don’t Worry About Duplicate Names

Duplicate Names

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If you have been struggling with creating an Instagram name, you have undoubtedly run into a situation in which you come up with the best name ever, only to find that someone else already has it. Yes, that can be frustrating, but if you get a bit creative, you can figure out a workable solution.

Most names can be changed to fit your profile. Try different combinations of the name you wish to use. If your name is Jack Bannister, but that name is already taken, try something like @jack.bannister. Sometimes putting a different character in the name can allow you to use. Of course, you can also try using other special characters as well.

Use Adjectives

If you're personally representing yourself on Instagram and have grown a large following, you might also want to look into the various influencer marketing.

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Another way to make your name stand out is to use a descriptive adjective in conjunction with your chosen moniker. Choose a word that describes who you are in a way that gives character to your name. Let’s say you’re a blogger who writes about relationship advice for women. Instead of just going with something like @selene, try something like @sassyselene.


Instagram Names Are Easy

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At first, it may seem difficult to come up with the right Instagram name for your brand. Indeed, many people struggle with this part of the process. However, it doesn’t have to be an insurmountable challenge. Use the tips in this post, and you’ll be earning new followers in no time.



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