50 Unforgettable Female Names

Find the right female name for your daughter, yourself, or a character you’re going to create is a difficult task, especially if you’re trying to combine strength and feminine charm.

This list of 50 names is divided into categories (elegant female names, daring female names), and should help you find what you’re looking for.

Elegant Female Names

Abigail – It has its own classy charm while at the same time can break down into “Abby.”

Althea – Hailing from Ancient Greece, this name means “healing power.”

Beverley – A familiar name you still don’t hear very often, it also shortens to the sassy “Bev.”

Clementine – Clementine feels like the old West, and also has the cute nickname “Clem.”

Dorothy – A name that strikes your ear with weight, and has an easy shortening: “Dot.”

Elsbeth – The German version of “Elizabeth,” Elsbeth feels new and yet familiar.

Iris – Though named after the flower, the true meaning is “rainbow.”

Hazel – This name can go two ways – the old-fashioned “Hazel,” or the badass “Haze.”

Dinah – Another familiar-but-strange name, Dinah is a Hebrew name that means “God will judge.”

Genevieve – Genevieve is a name to take your hat off for. No one is going to mess with a Genevieve.

Daring Female Names

girl running female name

Scout – Hard to go wrong with one of the most famous literary characters of all time.

Jet – You could even spell it “Jett” or “Jette,” but either way that’s a punchy name that evokes power and speed.

Edrei –Edrei means “powerful” and hails from the Old Testament.

Ursula – Sure, she was the villain in “Little Mermaid,” but she was also an independent woman and business owner.

Racer – Another speed name, but not too crazy that you’re going to seem pretentious.

Ace – Ace can mean “first,” or “best,” and it’s an empowering female name.

Lux – Lux means “light,” but it’s also powerful, short, and an “X” in a name always makes it rad.

Wyetta – Means “strength in war,” sounds like “Wyatt Earp,” and is the kind of name that kicks in the door.

Basilah – Basilah can chop up into “Baz,” which is cool on its own, and means “fearless.”

Xena – Can’t go wrong naming someone after a Warrior Princess.

Cute Female Names

Girls female name

Coco – Cute, exotic, and fun, it’s practically already a nickname.

Kitty – Gives you the punchy name “Kit,” but still adorable on its own.

Lisey – A play on “Lisa,” this female name is pronounced “LEE-see.”

Nana – Eclectic and surprising, and like the Star Trek actress “Nana Visitor.”

Riley – Riley evokes images of a girl on a bike with a backward baseball cap.

Lily – A beautiful flower, and comes complete with the nickname “Lil.”

Gala – Means “happy and brave,” but also makes you think of dancing.

Pepper – A feisty, cute name for a feisty, cute girl.

Vee – Not Veronica, not Virginia, just “Vee.” It’s daring and instantly memorable.

Daisy – A classic, and calls to the famed literary character from “The Great Gatsby.”

Heroic Female Names

Valencia – With a meaning like “brave and strong” and a nickname like “Val,” it doesn’t get more heroic.

Buffy – Named after “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” the kick-butt protagonist of the cult hit TV show.

Freya – The name of a Norse god of beauty, and a warrior in her own right.

Sonja – A name that calls back to “Red Sonja,” the sword-swinging female counterpart to Conan the Barbarian.

Beatrix – A cool name on its own, it’s also the name of sword-slinging Bride in “Kill Bill.”

Artemis – The Greek goddess of the hunt, Artemis is about as bold as names get.

Natasha – For “Natasha Romanoff,” better known as the Black Widow in the Avengers movies.

Ripley –  Ripley was the name of Sigourney Weaver’s powerful female character “Ellen Ripley” in the Alien franchise.

Dominique – Strong, elegant, and shortens to the cheeky “Dom” for an extra shot of empowerment.

Rosa – Why not pick a female name given to the heroic Rosa Parks, who stood up for racial injustice?

Androgynous Female Names

Rainey – Rainey is catchy and promises a unique name for a unique woman.

Scottie – A peppy name with a touch of masculinity.

Lark – Named for the bird, it’s pleasantly short and has a bite at the end.

Andee – Not just a funky spelling of “Andy,” Andee is actually Greek and means “defender of men.”

Bryoni – With a name like “virtuous and brave,” naming someone Bryoni is asking to give birth to a superheroine.

Charlie – You could also name her “Charlene” and just call her “Charlie,” but Charlie by itself has a biting spunk that’s hard to forget.

Quinn – Relatively gender neutral and with that mysterious “Q,” but also reminiscent of “Doctor Quinn.”

Emerson – Unique, and named after “Ralph Waldo Emerson,” the famous Transcendentalist.

Jovi – Another name meaning “brave,” it also calls back to Jove, one of the names of Zeus.

Lieve – Means “lion,” and creates a feeling of grace, strength, and focus.

Finding a Girls Name Made Easy

Everyone is looking for something different in a female name, whether it be beauty, power, perseverance, or a memorable charm. With this wide array of categories, hopefully, you were able to find something that communicates exactly the spirit of the individual for whom you are granting the name.

You can also name your girl after a bird or pick an Italian name for her.


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