50 Lizard Names for Pet Geckos, Iguanas, Chameleons, or Dragons

Your lizard needs a name before he or she can feel at home in your terrarium. Lizards are cool, exotic pets, so naming them something like “Trevor” is right out of the question. This list of 50 lizard names should be able to help find something inspiring and/or terrifying for your new lizard pal.

Dragon Lizard Names


​Drogon is the name of the largest and most dangerous of Dany’s dragons in Game of Thrones.


​In the movie Dragonslayer, Vermithrax is the red dragon making demands of the kingdom.


​Smaug is the dragon in the Lonely Mountain in the Hobbit book and films.


​Named for the main character of the Spyro the Dragon video game series.


​A great name for a tiny lizard, Mushu was Mulan’s guardian dragon in Mulan.


​The terrifying black dragon in Skyrim.


​In Norse mythology, Fafnir is a dwarf who became a dragon.

​Fin Fang Foom

​The name of the alien dragon in Marvel comics.


​Another name from Marvel comics, “Lockheed” is the pet dragon of Kitty Pryde.


​A dragon in both Final Fantasy and Dungeons & Dragons lore.


​A Korean dragon, the word Imoogi means “great lizard.”


​A figure of Hungarian myth, the Sarkany can take human form.

​Cute Lizard Names


​From Pokemon, Charmander is a great name for a salamander.


​A perfect cute lizard name for a reptile that crawls all over the terrarium.


​Lizards and frogs flick their tongues often.


​Reptiles can sometimes move in quick little twitches, making this an appropriate name.


​Really only works for a gecko, but guaranteed to get a life or two.


​Why Jojo? Why not Jojo?


​The famous assistant of Doctor Frankenstein, it also makes a killer lizard name.


​Small, green, and tricky, the name Yoda works for any lizard.


​Like Santa Claus, except not really anything like Santa Claus.


​Lizards get cold too, and need a little body warmth sometimes.


​The magnitude of this adorable name cannot be underestimated. Pop-Pop!

Badass Lizard Names​


​A tough name for a thick-skinned lizard like a Bearded Dragon.


​Is your iguana slicing your arm up with his tail?


​Or the Japanese spelling of “Gojira,” this name will truly terrify anyone who encounters it.


​For “Gila monster,” it may give your chameleon or gecko an overinflated sense of their own danger.


​An old name for a small dragon-type creature from myth.


​Is the Loch Ness monster a reptile? Hard to tell, but still a great name.


​A legendary lizard-bird from African myth.


​Though sometimes pictured as a snake, the basilisk of lore is often a giant, scary lizard monster.


​A myth from the east coast of America, the Snallygaster is some kind of demon lizard bird with a metal beak.


​In aboriginal myth, the Dirawong is a reptilian protector spirit.


​Vah Rudania is the name of the terrifying volcano-climbing salamander robot in Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


​Short for “Targaryen,” the dragon-riding house in Game of Thrones that’s really good at conquering the world.


​Slash is just a really cool name for anyone, especially a lizard.

Funny Lizard Names


​Short, sweet, and punny, you can’t go wrong with “Sal.”


​The green alien that Han Solo shoots in A New Hope is named Greedo.


​Sounds like “Robert” or “Albert,” it also the name of a lizard Pokemon.


​Climbs up walls, a little creepy, big eyes? Gollum from The Lord of the Rings works nicely.


​Gollum’s old name, it may fit a more well-tempered lizard.

​Sergeant Slitherscales

​Or just “Sarge,” to his friends and close companions.


​Ironic names add a touch of class and humor to any lizard pal.


​Does your lizard whack his tail into everything? Dub him or her “Slappy.”


​Since iguanas are well known for their cricket-eating abilities, this name adds a heroic character to an iguana.

​Grizz the Lizz

​People love rhyming names. Plus, Grizz is a spot-on name for a huge, intimidating beast like a monitor lizard.


​Squiggles might also describe the way your lizard runs across the glass.


​Named for the man who was extremely hard to kill. Also shortens to “Raspy,” which is what your lizard’s skin may feel like.


​It’s got “liz” right there in the name, after all.

​A Blizzard of Lizard Names

​Hopefully, you found exactly the reptilian name for your lizard friend (or friends), and are ready to load your bearded dragon, iguana, chameleon, or gecko into its terrarium home. Whether you landed on Snallygaster, Jojo, or Fluffy, you’ll be happy that you found the right name for the job in such record time.

If you are also looking for a name for your cat, steed or rabbit, don’t worry we have them for you.


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