Funny Mexican Names: 50+ Unusual But Usable Baby Names


Name, culture, and identity are three things that, more often than not, are very closely tied together.

A person’s name, for example, can typically tell you a lot about where he comes from, what his family lineage is, and more. Of course, some people do go against the norm and choose names that are actually quite different from what you might expect, but, for the most part, this   theory holds true.

Hispanic names, for example, are names that tend to stay within their culture. And, with that said, you may be wondering about hispanic name connotations, such as, for example, what funny Mexican names consist of.

So, What are Some Funny Mexican Names?

mexican fans in the audience cheering for their team

With all of that said, you are probably wondering what would be considered funny Mexican names. Perception, of course, varies from one person to the next, but in general, the following are considered funny Mexican names:




















































Obviously, that is a pretty extensive list, and you may be wondering what makes one name “funnier” than another. Really, a lot of things go into how a name is perceived by others.

​A Name’s History Makes a Difference

a mexican man wearing a bonnet

One of the major factors that plays a role in how a name is perceived and in whether or not it’s deemed “funny” is the name’s history.

Funny Mexican names, for example, may be funny because they are old-fashioned and aren’t heard a lot anymore. When you give a child a name that was once common but no longer is, you give him or her a funny name, whether you intended to or not.

The same goes for names that don’t have much of a history or that would be considered “new” by most. When a name is not well known or when no one has heard it before, especially within a particular culture, that name is often thought of as funny.

Of course, on either side of the spectrum, there is certainly nothing wrong with having a “funny” name; it’s all about how you feel about the name you have chosen.

When Last Names Become First Names

​Something else that can make a name seem like a “funny” name is if it was once considered mainly a last name but is now being used as a first name.

While people have been doing this for years and years, they still often find it odd when names make that transition.

So, don’t be surprised if you get some strange looks for taking a common Hispanic last name, like Rodriguez, and making it into a first name.

While some people may find this a little odd, it is a nice way to get a fresh, unique take on a traditional Hispanic name or even to carry on a family name.

Remember Not to Be Offensive

photo of a modern mexican family

Whenever you do pick a name, whether you are Hispanic or not, remember not to be offensive to others.

Keep in mind that many common Hispanic names are also religious in nature, so if you use these names in a mocking or unfair way, you run the risk of accidentally picking on someone’s faith.

You can also offend someone by making it seem as though you are making a mockery of their culture by choosing a particular name, particularly if it is one that is considered stereotypically Hispanic. To avoid this kind of offensiveness, choose and use names with respect in mind.

At the end of the day, there is nothing funny about choosing a name or using a name in a derogatory or uninformed way, so be sure to exercise care and concern for others.

​Understand the Cultural Significance of Various Name

Finally, if you are not Hispanic but are choosing a Hispanic name for your child, take the time to research the name, its meaning, its connotations, and its history. You can learn a lot about names this way, and educating yourself will ensure you are respectful in any choice that you make.

In fact, even if you are Hispanic, it is not a bad idea to learn about and research names. You might just learn more about your culture and yourself in the process, and that is always a worthwhile venture.


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