10 Funny Nicknames Your Favorite Celebrities Tried To Hide From You

We all have funny nicknames we would rather no one remembers. We have dug up the embarrassing and funny nicknames these celebrities thought they left behind.

Have fun!

Funny nicknames your favorite celebrities tried to hide from you

1. Justin Bieber – Jerry

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Justin Bieber has several cool nicknames, the most commonly used one being JB, but are you aware Justin Bieber or, at least, a part of him is called “Jerry”? To give you a good idea of what part of JB is called “Jerry,” He got the nickname after his nudes leaked in 2014.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo – CryBaby

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As a little boy, Cristiano Ronaldo’s mother called him ‘Abelhinha’ which is Portuguese for ‘Little Bee.” However, that nickname did not fly with his playmates; they preferred “Crybaby” because, as a kid Ronaldo was always quick to tears when things didn’t go his way.

3. Daniel Craig – Mr. Potato Head

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When Daniel Craig was announced as the new James Bond actor, being the first blonde James Bond, the British press were quick nickname him “James Blonde” which is much better than his childhood nickname – “Mr. Potato Head.”

4. Barack Obama – Barry O’Bomber

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Being the coolest president comes with several nicknames, but there is one funny nickname that Obama has carried since his days at Honolulu high school; “Barry O’Bomber”. Obama earned the nickname for his exploits in basketball, specifically, his left-handed double pump shot.

5. Ed Sheeran – Fire Crotch

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He doesn’t like the nickname “Ginger Jesus”,  he doesn’t like being called Ginger Hobbit either. I guess no one told Ed Sheeran you are not supposed to love your nicknames. The nickname he hates the most is “Fire Crotch”.

6. Jennifer Lopez – Lord of Butt

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Jennifer Lopez is called “Lord of butt” in China and here is why: J-Lo’s last name, ‘Luo pei zi.’” sounds similar to how Chinese people transliterate  ‘Luo ba’ which means Lord of butt.

7. Tom Hardy – Weasel

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British actor Tom Hardy, who played the lead role in Mad Max, Fury Road has won the hearts of Hollywood lovers with his rugged and narcissistic personality. Tom explained in an exclusive interview with GQ that he was “a little piece of shit” as a kid, and this earned him the nickname “Weasel.”

8. Miley Cyrus – Smiley

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Destiny Hope Cyrus is her real name. The name Miley originated from her childhood nickname “Smiley” which was bestowed upon her because of her ever smiling face. She officially changed her name to Miley in 2008.

9. Beyonc̩ РDumbo

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Isn’t it surprising to learn that as a kid, Beyoncé suffered terribly from insecurities? Back in Houston, she got teased about the size of her ears which according to her ‘were bigger than my head,’ and this earned her the mean nickname; “Dumbo”.

10. Mila Kunis – Goldfish

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A goldfish can go around the tank and then a few seconds later; they are just as happy to go around again. Her friend felt this was a fitting nickname because apparently Mila Kunis has a very short attention span, just like a goldfish.


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