102 Awesome Spanish Nicknames For Guys and Ladies

Do you need Spanish Nicknames for boys or girls?

We all love calling our friends, family, and lovers by names other than their real names. Although it may sound awkward, funny, or even weird, it is often likable when it is done by people who are close. While there are all sorts of nicknames that one can use in English, finding a foreign language nickname can be quite tasking.

For example, if you have a Latino girlfriend, finding nicknames in Spanish could be difficult since you do not speak the language. Please do not use google translate; it is not as accurate as you think.

Spanish Nicknames for Guys

Below is a list of Spanish nicknames that you could use for your male friends, family, or lover to spice up your relationship. Although some of the names can also be used for female relatives or friends, these nicknames are cute Spanish names to call a guy.

Romantic Spanish Nicknames for Guys

  1. (Mi) Alma: Used to show deep affection and it means ‘(my) soul.’
  1. Amado: Looking for a Spanish alternative for darling? Amando is the word to use.
  1. Amante: It means ‘lover.’ and women often use it for their male friends.
  1. Amigo: A commonly used name that translates to ‘friend’ or ‘boy’ in English.
  1. (Mi) Amor: You may have heard a woman call her husband by this name. It means (my) love.
  1. Azúcar: Words can be used to paint deep set feelings, and this nickname does exactly that. It means (as sweet as) sugar.

Funny Spanish Nicknames for Boys

  1. Calaca: It is often used to make fun of a very skinny person since it translates to “skeleton.” One can say, “Hey ‘Calaca,’ you need to eat something.”
  2. Chato: Though not as commonly used in English, it’s a word that can be used mockingly. It means ‘pug nose.’
  1. Viejo: If you are one of those who loves making fun of their dad or older men in their life, this one can be used to say ‘old man.’ The tone and context largely determine the meaning and appropriateness.
  1. Cabrón: It is an equivalent of ‘stupid’ in English although it directly translates into a male goat in Spanish.
  1. Lengua larga: Used to refer to a chatty person and its literal meaning is ‘long tongue.’ An equivalent in English would be ‘Big Mouth.’
  1. Tonto: it roughly translates into ‘stupid’ or ‘silly.’ It can be used to describe a guy is not very intelligent.
  1. Torpe: Torpe describes a clumsy person. For example, a guy who keeps dropping stuff.
  1. Idiota: It’s easy to guess the meaning of this. It means ‘idiot.’ It is an offensive word, but in the right context, it could be used as a nickname.

Affectionate Male Spanish Nicknames

  1. Lindo: It means ” cute, ” and it is a cute Spanish pet name for younger guys. Just like one would refer to a young female.
  1. Maravilloso: Also better suited for women but can be used by a female lover to her gorgeous husband. Means ‘attractive.’
  1. Marido: It means husband, and it is commonly used by ladies to refer to their husband.
  1. Mi Media Naranja: Similar to the English word ‘(my) better half.’ However, it directly translates to ‘my half orange.’
  2. Osito: Can be used by a mother towards her young son. Translates to ‘cuddly’ or ‘teddy bear.’
  1. Pastelito: Do you love calling your male friend sweet pie? This word means ‘pie’ and can be used instead.
  1. Pedacito de Cielo: An affectionate nickname that means ‘little piece of heaven.’
  1. (Mi) Perrito: This is a funny nickname that means ‘(my) puppy.’
  1. Precioso Mío: Means ‘(my) precious’.
  1. Principe Hermosa: Can be used by a lover to say ‘handsome prince.’
  1. Querido: This word equals to ‘darling’ or ‘dear’ in English.
  1. Rubia: Though often used in women, it can be used to refer to blond haired guys.
  1. (Mi) Rey: Can be used affectionately by women towards men to say ‘(my) king.’
  2. Sol: This word literally means ‘sunshine.’
  3. Tesoro: It is used to describe a valuable man; it means ‘treasure.’
  4. Tigre: It has a rather obvious meaning. It is used to show admiration for a man; it means ‘tiger.’
  5. Única: This one means ‘unique.’
  6. (Mi) Vida: Can be used by a female lover or wife to say ‘(my) life.’

Cool Spanish Nicknames For Guys

  1. Jefe: For those who love calling others ‘boss’, here is the Spanish alternative.
  2. Chula: It’s an expression that can be used on young boys or men to say ‘how cute.’ However, be careful because this word can mean differently in different Spanish speaking countries.
  3. Güera: It can be used to describe guys who are very light skinned.
  4. Loba: The literal meaning of this word is ‘wolf.’ It is used to describe a tease.
  5. Chismosa: Do you know a male friend who is a gossiper? This word which means ‘gossip’ can be used on them.
  6. Tramposo: This nickname is best suited for a guy who is manipulative or cunning.
  7. Guapo: Although this nickname can have an opposite and sarcastic meaning, it means ‘handsome’ or ‘attractive.’
  8. Chiquito: It can be used on younger guys and it means ‘small boy.’
  9. Linda: The name translates to ‘pretty.’ It is commonly used for guys as well, to create an awkward feeling just as ‘pretty boy’ would in English.
  10. El cerebra: The word means the brain and can be used to refer to guys who are serious and thoughtful.
  11. Gordito: Can be used as a playful offensive by a female lover and it means ‘little fatty.’ Should be used with discretion.
  12. Papá: Has a rather obvious meaning and it means ‘father’ in Spanish.
  13. Esé: It’s a Spanish word that is used quite commonly to mean ‘homeboy.’
  14. Vato: It means ‘dude’ or ‘guy.’ It’s a common term in the Mexican culture.
  15. Chola: It describes lifestyle. For example, it can be used for a guy who dresses in baggy pants, a stylish funnel shirt, and bandana.
  16. Bróder: This word directly translates to “brother” in English, but can be used in Spanish to mean ‘friend.’
  17. Buey: Translates into ‘ox’ but it’s used in Mexico to mean friend.
  18. El mío: Means ‘friend’ in Spanish, especially in Venezuela.

Spanish Nicknames for Ladies

If you are dating a Spanish girl or you have a female Spanish best friend, it would be awesome to give her an affectionate Spanish nickname or maybe just a badass Spanish Nickname. Here is a list of cool Spanish nicknames you can call a lady:

Romantic Spanish Nicknames for Girls

  1. (Mi) Alma: The name translates to (my) soul in English, and it is an appropriate Latina nickname for ladies as well.
  1. Amado: It means beloved or ‘darling, ’ and it is a romantic female Spanish nickname.
  1. Amante: Don’t just tell people this lady is my lover, tell them, “say hi to my Amante.”
  1. (Mi) Princesa: The meaning of this nicknames is rather obvious. It means ‘my princess.’
  1. Precioso Mío: This name translates to ‘my precious.
  1. Muñeca: Do you wish to make a lady friend feel special then call her this name which means ‘doll.’
  1. Nene: This nickname is the English version of ‘baby.’
  1. Osito: This name translates to ‘cuddly’ or ‘teddy bear’ in English.
  1. Pastelito: For those who are used to calling their ‘lady pie,’ then this nickname is a better alternative.
  1. Angelito: Are you fond of calling the woman you are close to Angel’ This nickname is a perfect Spanish option.
  1. (Mi) Amor Bello: This nickname is used to say ‘(my) beautiful love.’
  1.  Azúcar: Now, instead of saying ‘(as sweet as) sugar,’ just say azúcar.
  1. Bebé: Remember “Nene’. This is also another name that means ‘baby.’
  1. Bella: This nickname translates to ‘beauty’ in English.
  1. (Mi) Reina: A cute Spanish name to call your girlfriend. It translates to (my) Queen in English.
  1. Besos: You can be more inventive and call a lady close to you ‘besos’ which means ‘kisses.’
  1. Corazón: Corazon is equivalent to calling a lady ‘Sweetheart.’
  1. Empanada Dulce:  It means for ‘sweet pie.’
  1. Enamorado: This is a nickname that translates to ‘lover’ in English
  1. Esposa: For those who are married, this is a fitting nickname for your better half. It means ‘wife.’
  1. Cariño: This nickname will also help you avoid using the all too common names, ‘sweetie’ or ‘sweetheart.’ Instead, use Carino. It can also be used to mean ‘honey’ or ‘love’.
  2. Gata: This is also a name that I have heard in soap operas although it should be used in the right context the nickname means ‘(as cute as) female cat.’
  1. (Mi) Chiquita: It means ‘(my) little girl.’
  1. Bombón: This is a funny nickname that means ‘sweet’ or ‘chocolate (sweetie).’

Cool Spanish Nicknames for Girls

  1. La Loba: It means she-wolf, and it is appropriate for a hot lady.
  1. Morena: This is a nickname that you can call your brown haired or brunette’ female friend.
  1. Rubia: It is Spanish for ‘blonde’ it is the perfect nicknames for a Blonde.
  1. Amiga: Just the same way you would say Amigo to a male friend, this is a nickname that you can also use for a female friend meaning ‘girl.’
  1. Bicho: Used in the right context, this name can be applied to show affection. The literal meaning is bug. However, it can also be used to mean ‘tiny’ or ‘cute’.
  2. Conejito: This is a funny way of calling and girl ‘bunny girl.’
  1. (Mi) Divertido Chica: You may have heard guys call women by this name in soap operas, they usually mean ‘(my) funny girl.’
  1. Estrella: Go beyond the usual references and call you lady a ‘star’ in Spanish.
  1. Hechicera: This name is fitting for a lady who has exceptionally good looks. It translates to ‘bewitching’ or ‘stunning.’
  1. Bizcocho: It means ‘(as sweet as) biscuit’ or ‘sponge cake.’
  1. Bonito/ Bonita: This is also a very common name. There are even places that use this name to bring out the same meaning. The nickname translates to ‘pretty’ or ‘attractive’ in English.
  1. Caramelo: Have you seen the type of candy that they call caramelo in the stores? Well, they have borrowed this name from the Spanish language It means ‘(as sweet as) candy.’
  1. (Mi) Chiquillo: This nickname is a sweet way of referring to one’s daughter. It means ‘(my) kid’.
  1. Chiquito This is also another nice name that can be used for young girls. It translates to ‘little one.’ In another context, it can also mean cute’.
  1. (Mi) Cielo: How high do you wish to elevate your lady friend? This nickname can help It means ‘(my) sky.’
  1. Reina: This nickname can be used for either a younger or older woman It can also be used for a friend or a relative. It means ‘queen.’
  1. Bicha: The meaning of this one is easy to remember If you are looking for a cute name for your young daughter, then you can use this nickname which means ‘little girl.’
  1. Vida: This name can be used depending on the context The literal meaning is ‘life,’ although it can also be used to show affection
  1. Cielo: This word directly translates to ‘heaven’ However, used in the right context it can be used to show fondness.
  1. Mariposa: If your female friend loves the appearance and beauty of butterflies, make her feel special by using this nickname It means ‘butterfly.’
  1. Corazon: This nickname can be used to show deep affection, and it mean’ heart’ in English.
  1. Tu Mi vida: Use this nickname to tell your loved one, ‘you are my life.’
  1. Gordi: Depending on who you are addressing, this word translates to ‘fatty.’ However, be careful to use it in the right context.
  1. Parienta: This one translates into ‘missus’ and should also be used in the right context.
  1. Naranja: This one translates to ‘half orange.’ It also depends on who it is you are addressing.
  1. Nina: This is a rather generic word that means ‘girl.
  1. Mami: Mami is Spanish slang for baby, sexy, There are other variations like Mamacita and Mamita.

Do you know any cute Spanish pet name we left out? Add it in the comment section Don’t forget to tell us the meaning as well’.


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