50 Famous Horse Names From Fiction To Real Life That You Won’t Easily Forget

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​http://www.americanclassicpedigrees.com/war-admiral.html​​​In books and films, often a character’s horse is much more than a means of transport or pet or prop. They are often portrayed as their own character. Mr Ed from the tv show of the same name certainly was, he even had his own lines to speak. The famous horse names from fiction that stick in our minds are the ones where the horse had its own personality.

25 Famous Horse Names from Novels, Tv, and Film

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Some of the famous horse names in the list below come from books, but the majority come from television shows and films. There were too many horses in the Lord of the Rings franchise so we only included the more memorable ones. Read on to see if you agree with our choices.

  1. Boxer Along with Mollie and Clover, from George Orwell’s book, Animal Farm.
  2. Black Beauty From Anna Sewell’s book, Black Beauty
  3. Trigger Roy Rogers’ famous horse partner
  4. Silver Horse rescued and adopted by the Lone Ranger
  5. Mister Ed The first famous talking horse from the tv show, Mr Ed.
  6. Fury A horse in a story, and film, written by comedian, Norman Krasna
  7. Arod Legolas’s horse from Lord of the Rings
  8. Shadowfax Horse ridden by Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings
  9. Beau John Wayne’s horse in True Grit
  10. Smiler Theon Greyjoy’s war horse in A Song of Fire and Ice
  11. Pilgrim From Nicholas Evans’ book The Horse Whisperer
  12. Faran Sparhawks’ horse in David Eddings book series, The Elenium and The Tamuli
  13. Denny A Buckskin Gelding from The Man from Snowy River
  14. Cochise John Wayne’s horse in El Dorado
  15. Phillip Edmund’s horse from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
  16. Bumpkin Merry Brandybuck’s Horse
  17. Gunpowder Ichabod Crane’s horse from The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
  18. Argo From Xena Warrior Princess
  19. Binky Death’s horse in the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett
  20. Chestnut From the tv show, 2 Broke Girls
  21. Brego Aragorn’s Horse in Lord of the Rings
  22. Sophie Colonel Potter’s horse in the tv show, MASH
  23. Cadoc From Eragon by Christopher Paolini
  24. Flicka From Mary O’Hara’s book My Friend Flicka
  25. Glue-boy Cuthbert Allgood’s horse in The Dark Tower by Stephen King

25 Famous Horse Names from the Track

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If you think the famous fictional horse names were memorable, you’re going to love the famous racehorse names. Racehorses are known for having outrageous titles that make sense to no-one other than the owner but some of these horses are known for not just their names.

Shergar, for example, won the 1981 Epsom Derby by 10 lengths, but was more famous for being kidnapped by the IRA. We’ve also included a horse that was famous for not winning a race. As he lost 100 times, we thought he’d earned the right to be on a list with other famous horse names.

  1. Phar Lap Horse from New Zealand that won 37 of 51 career starts
  2. Zabeel New Zealand sire of Octagonal and Vengeance of Rain
  3. Twenty Grand Horse of the year in 1931
  4. War Admiral U.S. Triple Crown winner in 1937
  5. Ruthless 1st winner of the Belmont Stakes
  6. Hyperion Top sire for 6 years in the United Kingdom
  7. Eclipse Horse that won 18 races in 18 starts
  8. Flying Fox Horse that won the 1899 English Triple Crown races
  9. Smarty Jones The 1st unbeaten Kentucky Derby winner since 1977
  10. Cardigan Bay New Zealand horse that appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show
  11. Barbaro Horse that won the 2006 Kentucky Derby
  12. Flyingbolt 2nd best steeplechaser of all time
  13. Citation 1st horse to win $1 million
  14. Secretariat Won the U. S. Triple Crown in 1973
  15. Seabiscuit Beat War Admiral in a race during the Depression
  16. Shergar Kidnapped by the IRA in 1983 and was never found
  17. Kelso U. S.  Horse of the year five times
  18. Black Caviar Won 25 career starts
  19. Aristides Won the 1st Kentucky Derby
  20. Overdose Horse from Hungary and winner of 14 races in a row
  21. Queensway Winner of the Canadian Triple Crown
  22. The Duke 1st and 2nd winner of the Grand National
  23. Makybe Diva Won the Melbourne Cup 3 times
  24. Tanya 2nd filly to win the Belmont Stakes
  25. Zippy Chippy Famous for losing 100 races in a row

The Famous Horse Names of the Future

If you’re thinking of adopting one of these famous horse names for your own horse, you might want to be a bit careful about which ones you use, particularly if you want to race your horse. Jockey clubs are very strict about horse names and you are not able to use a name that has been previously used within the last five years. But if you’re not the proud owner of a racing thoroughbred, what would be the harm in having a Phar Lap in your back paddock.


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