50+ Cool Bird Names You Can Name Your Brand New Bird Friend

Coming up with a suitable name for your new pet is rarely easy. When it comes to naming your new feathery friend, the possibilities are truly endless. Here are 50+ cool bird names for you to pick from.

Find the one that works best!

Birds are fascinating creatures. From their bright and bold plumage and distinctive vocal calls, they draw admiration and awe all over the world.

Although they were born to roam free, flying among treetops and the clouds, many are kept as pets.

The most common breeds of bird to be kept as pets are budgies and parrots, both of which can prove to be a friendly addition to any household, adding character to your home.

Bird Names for Male Budgies

bird male buddies img

Budgies are the third most popular pet in the world.

These little guys are easy to look after, making them ideal for children as a first pet. They can come in a range of colors, but rather than simply calling it ‘Blackie’ or ‘Blue.' How about mixing it up with a related bird name from a cartoon or movie character? Or else some wordplay based on the color?

  1. Arul
  2. Darwin
  3. Fawkes
  4. Griffin
  5. Mango
  6. Oscar
  7. Pikachu
  8. Sinbad
  9. Wasabi

Bird Names for Female Budgies

bird female buddies img

Perhaps you’re wondering how you even tell whether a budgie is male or female.

It’s not too easy to the untrained eye, but it is all down to the cere. This is the “nose” area, just above the bird’s beak. In healthy females, the cere will be a light-brownish color, whereas, in male budgies, the cere will be a bluish color. Once you have figured out that you have a female budgie, you can give her a cute name. Interesting color shades or flower names work well for little female budgies!

  1. Angel
  2. Belle
  3. Coco
  4. Ivy
  5. Jade
  6. Lilly
  7. Rose
  8. Tweedy Pie
  9. Snow
  10. Violet

Names for Male Parrots

female parrots name img

As Budgies are little parakeets, you might think you can tell a male or female parrot apart with the same trick.

Unfortunately, it’s a little more difficult to determine the sex of a parrot. If you do have a male parrot, chances are that it may be a bit of a clown, particularly if you have a Caique or African Grey. These intelligent birds will learn to mimic household sounds and can be very vocal and playful. Make sure you give your parrot buddy a bold name that sums up his colorful character!

  1. Banjo
  2. Einstein
  3. Oozy
  4. Phoenix
  5. Quackers
  6. Rio
  7. Tango
  8. Zazu

Names for Female Parrots

femaleeclectus img

Parrots are renowned for being intelligent birds. Many people choose to keep them for this reason, enjoying the challenge and fun of training the animals to learn new words.

Many female parrots will learn songs, enjoying singing long to the radio. With parrots, it is a good idea to give them a short, simple name that they will learn quickly. For female parrots, you have plenty of great options. Here are some of the best.

  1. Candy
  2. Dotty
  3. Lola
  4. Mercedes
  5. Peaches
  6. Polly
  7. Tequila
  8. Ruby
  9. Sunshine

Names for Lovebirds

lovebirds name img

The problem with keeping a bird as a pet is that many of them can get depressed and lonely.

After all, birds were meant to fly. Being trapped inside your home all the time may not agree with some birds. It’s even worse to have them locked in a tiny cage. To keep your birds happy, why not get them a little friend? Getting a pair of lovebirds ensures there will never be a dull moment in your home. You can pick great names for the feathered duo, taking inspiration from movies or books to find the perfect matching monikers. 

  1. Romeo and Juliet
  2. Sugar and Spice
  3. Adam and Eve
  4. Babe and Ruth
  5. Bonnie and Clyde
  6. Lilo and Stitch
  7. Cocoa and Puff
  8. Starlight and Moondust

When Naming Your Bird

There is no wrong name to give your pet bird. However, keep in mind that the name will undoubtedly shape its character, and also affect how people treat the bird.

An important consideration is the fact that many birds, particularly parrots, live for a long time.

Some may outlive you! Choose a name that will stand the test of time, and preferably one that won’t offend or embarrass the new owner if the time comes for you to hand the bird down to a child or grandchild. Missy Featherbreasts may not fit in well at your socialite daughter’s book club meeting.

It’s best to keep it catchy and memorable, and easy for your bird to learn its name. Once you have named your new buddy, their character will soon fly into your life.

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