400+ Cute Names To Call Your Boyfriend

Do you need cute nicknames to call your boyfriend?

Let me guess; you have been racking your head for cute names to call him, and you cannot seem to find the perfect nickname. Good then that we have prepared a concise list of cute names to call your boyfriend.

You already tried conventional nicknames such as baby and my love, but you may be sick and tired of all the common ones. Maybe you do not want to appear in public with any of the cliche boyfriend nicknames. You want a nickname that will put a smile on his cute face every time he hears it. Maybe a nickname as cute and adorable as him; a term of endearment that is special to both of you. 

The truth is, you are an excellent girlfriend and your guy is lucky to have you. The only problem is that nicknames for boyfriends are not the easiest ones to come up with. Come with me, let us find you a cute name to call your boyfriend and spice up your relationship. And while doing that, you may even turn some heads when those around you hear it. Watch their jaw drop and their envy arising at your ingenious cute nickname for your boyfriend. 

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Names you should not call your boyfriend

Before we go any further, there are two kinds of nicknames you should avoid when searching for cute names to call your boyfriend: Nicknames that are too common and nicknames that are too mushy.

  • 1
    Nicknames that are too common: The first type of names you want to stay away from are generic pet names such as Sweetie, Darling, Dear, and Baby among others. Although these names are timeless classics that couples from all over the world use, they are too safe and unimaginative. You want to demonstrate that your relationship is unique and like no other.
  • 2
    Nicknames that only his Granny should call him: You want to stay away from boyfriend nicknames that are almost too cute. Cute nicknames for boyfriends do not need to be too mushy. You do not want to over do it. You do not want to drown him in sugar. Let me explain it this way. Remember how you did not want to be seen with your parents in high school because of their loving ways of embarrassing you. That is how boys may feel when you call them nicknames that are too mushy. On the other hand, they could be in handy when you want to take things to a new level between you two.

How To Come Up With Cute Names To Call Your Boyfriend

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Here are some excellent ways to find cute nicknames for boys:

  • 1
    Starting from his own Name: Use his name to come up with cute nicknames for him. You could shorten his name, add to it or even both. For example, if your boyfriend`s name is Jerome, you can call him Jay, Sweet Jerome, or Jaybear.
  • 2
     Guided by his Personality: Is he outgoing and sociable or is he the introvert and quiet type? Would he rather go to the movies or stay in and watch Netflix? Does he grab your ass when he passes by or would he rather steal a kiss?
  • 3
      Let his Physical features Guide you: Is he a blondie? Is he tall or short, skinny or chubby? What color are his eyes, how tight are those abs, how is his butt, when you cuddle who is the bear? How deep is his voice? Physical features are a great source of cute names to call your boyfriend. But be careful, he may be too sensitive when it comes to his body. Keep in mind that you may be walking on a fine thread.
  • 4
    Take an idea from Gestures and Mannerisms: His unique ways of doing things. How often does he run his hands through his hair, how does he act in uncomfortable situations; chewing on fingers nails, crossing arms over chests. You can come up with a sweet and unique pet name to call your boyfriend, by teasing his mannerisms
  • 5
    Pay Attention to His Interests and Hobbies: Picasso is a cool nickname for your boyfriend if he enjoys painting. Wordsmith is a cute name to call a writer or someone who has his way with words. Tap into your friend`s hobbies and interests to find cool nicknames for him.
  • 6
    Look for his Habits: Habits make a person; whether good or bad habits. Does he stay up late, does he always misplace his wallet, is he addicted to his video games? Habits are a great source of nicknames for guys. You can come up with several cute pet names for your boyfriend from his habits.
  • 7
    What Kind of Talents and Abilities does he have?: This is especially common in sports, athletes pick up their nicknames based on their talent and abilities. Michael Jordan was dubbed Air Jordan because of his remarkable jumping ability. That nickname has become the biggest brand name in US sports, and Michael Jordan will forever be grateful to whoever came up with it. Talents and abilities are a great source of cool nicknames for boys.
  • 8
    Steal Names From TV-series/Movies: You could call him his favorite character in his best movie. TV has a lot of awesome and funny nicknames for guys. Littlefinger from Game of Thrones is a cute nickname for boys with small hands. Flame Boy is a sexy nickname from popular TV Show as friends. It is a cool name to call your hot boyfriend.

Bonus Tips: Choosing The Right Cute Names To Call Your Boyfriend

  • Although cheesy terms of endearment are only meant to show affection, they are not the kind that you would want to be calling hunky men with tough-guy personalities.
  • Ho-w long have you been together? The length of your relationship should give you an idea of what nickname to choose. I mean, calling him hubby on the first few weeks of dating does not sound right, does it? It does seem like a great nickname but most likely only for those in a long-term relationship.
  • A good pet name for your boyfriend is not just a nickname that you find cute and adorable; the name must also make him feel special and adored. He will not appreciate a nickname that makes him feel emasculated - which is a big boy way of saying -Feeling less of a man. As a girlfriend, you should know what ticks him off.
  • You do not want to give his friends or co-workers another reason to make fun of him. When he is around his guys, he will prefer to be called sexy or stud instead of softbun or mushy face. Remember, sweet nicknames do not always have to be overly corny and cheesy.
  • If all else fail, try your luck on a trusty nickname generator. They are usually free to use and are readily available online. In the meantime, here is a long list of terms of endearment. Any of these could make a great nickname for your boyfriend.

400 Cute Names To Call Your Boyfriend

Names Starting with the Letter A

Adorable  simply, lovely, sweet and straightforward name to call your boyfriend; add another descriptive word like, hun.

Agapi Mou - is Greek for my love, perfect pet name to tell him he is the love of your life.

Amante - means lover in Spanish. This nickname tells him he is sexy in a sexy language.

Amigo - cute name to call a trusted male friend.

Amore - means love in Italian; my love, my lover, my sweetheart.

Anchor - romantic name to call a boy who has won your heart.

Apple - sweet nickname for a precious and priceless guy.

Avatar - nicknames for boys that are godly, ethereal, heavenly.

Names Starting with the Letter B

Baby - my love, my darling.

Baby Boo - romantic name to call your sweet boyfriend.

Baby butter fingers - an adorable goof; perfect for a guy who is a little clumsy, but hugely charming.

Baby Cakes - cute nickname for a guy that is so sweet and adorable.

Baby Puff - adorable and unbearably attractive.

Bad boy - a handsome brute who makes you weak at the knees.

Bae - one who is before anyone else in the world.

Bam Bam - a good nickname for a guy that rocks your world.

Bambi - Disney character. A cute nickname for a boy with a kind heart.

Banana Boo - nice nickname for cute ass man.

Bea - sweet nickname for the most precious guy in your life.

Bear - affectionate nickname for a big and cuddly man.

Bebits - an extension of baby, meaning - my darling.

Bestie - my buddy, my best friend.

Bibbles - an alteration of bubbles, to make the nickname fresh and unique; meaning full of joy and exuberance.

Big boy - a guy who knows what he is doing, who you trust.

Big Guy - nicknames for boys that are huge, tall and handsome.

Bitsy - A good nickname for a man of small stature.

Blossoms - affectionate nicknames for a sweet boy.

Boo - cute and hugely loveable.

Boo thang - a friend with benefits.

Bossman - boyfriend who is bossy, but you like it that way.

Bre Bre - sexy and cute, irresistible.

Bree - Irish for massive disturbance meaning the guy who rocked your world.

Bright eyes - intelligent, heart-penetrating eyes.

Brow-eyes -lm and hard to anger.

Brown sugar -Latino hunk.

Brushcchi - the name of a professional football player who won three Super Bowl rings.

Bubba -  good name for a loving and trustworthy guy.

Bubble Buns - cute buns (buttocks), very attractive.

Bubbles - cool nickname for an amusing guy.

Bubbly - effervescent, vibrant personality.

Bubloo - nicknames for guys that are sweet, easygoing and friendly.

Buddha - funny nickname for smart and sensitive guys.

Buddy - a friend with whom you share all, one close to the heart.

Bull - nickname for guys that are strong and aggressive.

Bun Buns - Hot  sexy nickname for boys with tight buttocks.

Bunny - Cute, cuddly, lovable.

Buppy - an ambitious, handsome, black man who is on his way to fame.

Burning rice eater - funny nickname for a boy.

Butternut - a man in touch with his feminine side.

Butterscotch - cool nickname for a sweet African-American boy.

Names Starting with the Letter C

Captain - supreme, one who leads, handsome, stellar.

Captain Black - this is the name of a little cigar. A cool nickname for your dark-skinned prince.

Captain Cookie - a name for Dutch pirate; one who is magnetically attractive in a dark way.

Captain Cuddles - cool nickname for your cuddly buddy.

Captain love muffin - my lover boy.

Champ -one who is a winner (of your heart).

Charming - short of Prince Charming, handsome, prince.

Chef - cool name to call your boyfriend if he's a great cook.

Cherry - cute name for a loving and innocent boy.

Chicken - used for a kg of cocaine; powerful intoxicant; one who is attractive.

Chief - Cute name to call a guy with strong leadership qualities.

Chiku - sweet beyond imagination.

Chimpy - nickname for President George W Bush; also ugly in a lovable and attractive way.

Chook - Australian for chicken; also one who is handsome and loving who has the power of pulling you out of the blues anytime.

Chubby bunny - the best, most adorable boyfriend in the world.

Chuf chuf - nicknames for boys that are endearingly funny and cool.

Chunky - sweet name to call a chubby

Cinnamon - someone very special, whom you want to marry.

Classicman - a cool nickname for a real man.

Coded - cool nickname for a shy and reserved boyfriend.

Collywoggles - sarcastic, brilliant, wonderfully attractive.

Colonel - well endowed sexy man.

Cosmo -cute name to call a fashionable guy.

Cowboy - cool nickname for a boyfriend who is always in control of every situation - a dependable guy.

Crocus Blossom - so attractive that you stop thinking straight when you look at him.

Cuddle buddy - warm, affectionate friend and lover all rolled into one.

Cuddle Cakes - cool nickname for your sweet snuggle partner.

Cuddle cooze - sexy, attractive, sensual man.

Cuddles - nicknames for boys that are sweet and cuddly.

Cuddly Bear - a big man who is kind and caring.

Cupcake - cute nickname for a sweet boyfriend.

Cutie - handsome in a sweet and heart-melting way.

Cutie Boo - attractive and adorable darling.

Cutie Pie - good enough to eat, wonderfully handsome.

Names Starting with the Letter D

Da Vinci - cool nickname for a genius.

Dada - cool nickname for a mature and reliabl

Names Starting with the Letter

e person.

Daddy - sweet nickname for a loving and thoughtful guy.

Dara - awesome, cool, handsome in the superlative.

Dark Moon - a cute nickname for a guy who is always there for you, even in your darkest hour.

Darling - my love.

Dear - darling, sweetheart, love.

Deep - my love, my heart, my love.

Destiny - cute nickname for your soulmate.

Diamond - priceless, someone whose worth cannot be measured.

Dirty Boy - one who thinks sexy all the time, in a sexy, attractive way.

Doodles - cool nickname for a cute and funny guy.

Ducky - one whom you find cute and playful.

Name Starting with the Letter E

Eye Candy - pleasing to all senses.

Names Starting with the Letter F

Fela - a cool nickname for a slim and sexy guy.

Ferrie - one who loves good things in life.

Fire Cracker - it is one who is exceptionally sexy, appetizing, dizzyingly attractive.

Fluffy - soft, sensitive, warm and loving.

Frozen- fire - cute name to call a quiet but hot-tempered guy.

Names Starting with the Letter G

Genie - a good name to call the man of your dreams.

Genius - smart and charismatic.

Ghosty - one who appears and disappears out of nowhere; doing amazing things.

Good looking-  handsome, one who makes your heart race.

Goofball - lovable clumsy, one who messes up all the time, but you cannot help but love him

Goofy - innocent, lovable, huggable, handsome.

Gorgeous - reserved for the hottest and sexiest guy.

Grimm - Cool nickname for a guy who always has your back.

Gum Drop - sweet and irresistible man.

Gummy bear - cool nickname for a super awesome and jolly boyfriend.

Names Starting with the Letter H

Handsome - one who makes your heart race because he looks too good.

Heart & soul - my everything, my world, my love.

Hercules - cute pet name for a sexy macho guy.

Hero - one who is courageous, smart and attractive; who can bail you out of any jam.

Hon- honey, love, sweetheart.

Honey - sweet name to call your sweet lover.

Honey Bear- cute nickname for an adorably huge guy.

Honey Bee - busy, handsome, hugely adorable man.

Honey Bun - cute nickname for a man with sexy buttocks; irresistibly attractive.

Honey Bunch - sweetheart, love, my heart.

Honey Bunny - sassy guy, whom you can laugh with and is sexy.

Honey Pants - you just cannot stay away from this one.

Honey Smack - great kisser.

Honey sugar bumps - cute nickname for sweet guys.

Hot chocolate - perfect name for a dark and sexy boyfriend.

Hot Chocolate - tall, dark and handsome.

Hot Lips - a great pet name for a great kisser.

Hot Stuff - a guy who sets you on fire.

Hotshot -nicknames for hot and guys.

Hubba Bubba - one who has many flavors, charismatic and versatile lover boy.

Hubby - husband material, one whom you want to marry.

Huckleberry - cute name to call your boyfriend if he's precisely the man of your dreams.

Huggies  -An adorable pet name for a boy you just want to hug forever.

Huggy Bear - a guy whom you cannot resist hugging; attractive and huggable.

Hugster -  Mr. Huggies.

Hun - honey, darling, love.

Hun-bun - buttocks you cannot keep your hands off.

Hunk - handsome, big, attractive, and sexy.

Hunky - hot, hot, hot guy.

Hunny  -sweetheart, short for honey, love of my life.

Hunny bagel - tasty and sweet, handsome and putty in your hands.

Names Starting with the Letter I

Iron Man  -strong, sexy, powerful and attractive.

Names Starting with the Letter J

Jazzy - one ball of fun and playfulness.

Jeet-  from Hindi  victorious, one who conquered your heart.

Jelly-  cute name to call your sweet jealous boyfriend.

Jellybae - a great guy who has a heart as soft as jelly.

Jellybean - sensitive and sweet, one who has a hard exterior and soft heart.

Jellyboo - cool nickname for a  lovable, sensitive and friendly guy.

Jocky - nicknames for guys that are athletic and handsome.

Names Starting with the Letter k

King -a man who imposes respect wherever he goes; who rules your heart.

KissyFace  -best nickname for your adorable good-kisser.

Kizaru  -a guy whom you cannot stop kissing.

Kookie - cannot wait to sink your teeth in; this man is dessert.

Krabby Patty - a man who is a delicacy by any standard.

Names Starting with the Letter L

Ladies Man - a guy who is chivalrous, gallant and a killer in looks.

Lapooheart - one with whom you share your heart; one who lives in your heart.

Lapu-Lapu - Best nickname for your Filipino hero.

Lifeline - a man who is always for you; a guy without whom you cannot live.

Lifemate -  life partner, one with whom you plan to live the rest of your life.

Light Priest  - one who brings you closer to the Universe; one who makes you a better person.

Liljay  a famous rapper; one who is street-smart and talented. Lil- Joseph. You can adapt this for any guy, "Lil-name"

Little puff  a person who gets his way no matter what.

Log  one who is well endowed and jaw-dropping sexy.

Loo loo  deadly sexy, sweet, fun, and bright.

Lord of the Vikings  aggressive, hot, loud and rough.

Love  my sweetheart.

Love Bear  Cuddly love, darling, sweetheart.

Love bug  told to husband or one who is likely to become one.

Love Muffin  my darling, my love, sweetheart.

Loverboy  one who is sexy, cute and attractive.

Lovey  one who means the world to you.

Lovey Boo best nickname for a good looking and great lover.

Lovie  same as love, sweetheart, darling.

Lucky  the first one who touched your heart in the right way.

Lulu - extraordinary, magnificent, out of this world.

Luv Puppies - cuddly, lovable, yours forever.

Names Starting with the Letter M

Macgyver - one who can do the impossible; one who is extraordinarily smart.

Machoman - handsome, good-looking, sexy and charismatic.

Mahi - life partner in Hindi; love, sweetheart.

Major - impressive in strength and gallantry; a man who knows how to make a woman feel loved.

Marshmallow - Sweet nickname to call your boyfriend.

Mega X - Cool name to call a huge guy, just swap X for the first letter of his name.

Mellow - chilled out man, one who in control of every situation.

Mi Amor  - my love, my life, my heart

Minnie Mouse - cute pet name for a short and troublesome boyfriend.

Mister Cutie - one who makes you weak at the knees; hugely attractive physically.

Moe - best nickname for a guy so perfect, it is unreal.

Mon amour - my love, my sweetheart.

Monkey - funny nickname for a naughty and funny guy.

Monsieur (sir) - cool nickname for a true gentleman.

Monster - packed with energy and sexy-ness.

Moo - name of a drug that produces hallucinations; here, one who so sexy that makes you see things.

Mooi - means Handsome in Afrikaans.

Mookie - one who melts in front the one who he loves.

Moonlight - someone who always puts a smile on your face

Movie Star - cute nickname to call a drop dead gorgeous boy.

Muffin - lovable, cuddly sweetheart.

Munchie - one whom you love deeply.

Munchkin - sweetheart in a life-partner way.

Muscleman - nicknames for boys with rippling muscles.

Muscular - the guy with 6-pack and looks only for you.

Mushroom - cool nickname for a guy that brings out the naughty side of you.

Mustard - good, rich, spicy and sexy.

My angel - one whom you love deeply.

My beautiful nerd - intelligent, skilled, but not too hot in looks.

My Beloved - the one with whom you want to share your life.

My Boo - my boyfriend.

My Boy - my man, my love.

My Caesar - the ruler of my heart, the one who rules my mind and heart.

My Dear - my darling, my sweetheart.

My Drug - someone who is addictive; someone you need every moment.

My Everything - my life, my love, my darling.

My Heart - my life, my love, my darling.

My Heaven -one who makes this earth a paradise.

My King - the one who rules your heart, mind, and soul.

My Knight - cool nickname for your knight in shining armor.

My Life - my most precious, my love.

My Lil chicken nugget - tasty, sexy and unputdownable.

My Little Soldier (in the Army) - perfect nickname to call your boyfriend if he's in the army.

My Love - classic and timeless nickname for your lover.

My one and only - your soulmate, your life partner.

My other half - Perfect nickname for your spouse.

My Popstar - the one who is the star in your life; a famous, popular, man whom everybody loves.

My Prince - my royalty, one who is very attractive in a dignified and royal way.

My pumpkin pie - endearing form to someone you love deeply.

My right hand - one without whom you can do nothing.

My Smile maker - one who brings the smile on your face; one who has made your life a pleasure.

My Sunshine - best nickname for a guy that lights up your life.

My Superman - one who is most loved, most powerful, most divine.

My Sweet Boy - my darling, my love.

My World - the man who is THE ONE.

Names Starting with the Letter N

Nemo - in Latin means NOTHING; one who blanks out everything in the world; one who loves you to bits.

Niny - one who is too sentimental; one who is emotional.

Names Starting with the Letter O

One and only - my life, my love, my everything.

Oreo - sweet and dark like an oreo.

Names Starting with the Letter P

Pancakes - funny nickname for your adorable boyfriend.

Panda - lovable, cuddly and intelligent.

Panda Bear - big man, cuddly, kind and thoughtful.

Panda chicken -adventurous, quick on his feet, and unique.

Papa - sweet name to call an overly protective boyfriend.

Papa Bear - one who is the head of the house, but kind, loving and soft at heart.

Papi - A romantic and sexy Spanish nickname for your sweet protector.

Pappy - Straight shooter.

Peaches - mushy name to call a sexy and good looking boy

Peanut - for a sweet short guy.

Perfect - one whom you would not want to change for the whole world.

Picasso -cute name to call a guy with an artistic touch.

Pickle Pie - for a dreamy and sexy man.

Pirate - a guy who flirts with panache.

Pitbull - cute pet name for a rugged and aggressive man.

Playboy - a man who loves the company of women.

Pokemon - a fun person, who is almost unreal in his awesomeness.

Pokerface - Perfect nickname for a guy who rarely smiles.

Pokey - exceptionally street-smart, ability to think on his feet.

Poo-boo - a guy who is both cute and large.

Pooh bear - innocent and cuddly, hugely kissable.

Pooh-man - a big built man who is cuddly and lovable.

Pookie Bear - a man whom you die to kiss.

Poompy - a guy who looks sour, yet you love him just as he is.

Popeye - one who has busting muscles and loves spinach.

Popo - California slang for police; a guy who looks and behaves like a cop.

Poppins -“ a happening guy; one with whom there is not one dull moment.

Pords - one who falls in love with the total opposite type gal.

Pou the Panda - a guy full of (good) surprises.

Prince charming - Perfect name to call your adorable boyfriend.

Professor X - a guy who has is exceptionally brilliant. Swap the X for the first letter of his name or his last name.

Pudding Pop - a guy who is a delightful company.

Pumpkin - a man who is very attractive physically.

Pumpkin pie - one who is good enough to eat; deliciously sexy.

Puppeteer - one who can make anyone dance to his tune; a highly charismatic and mesmerizing man.

Puppy - one who is totally devoted to you.

Name Starting with the Letter Q

Queen - one who is delicate and careful about everything around him.

Names Starting with the Letter R

Raindrop - one who looks sad all the time; who is depressed and deflated.

Rashes - All over you like rashes. Perfect nickname for a boy who madly in love with you.

Raunchy - one who likes to talk slang or behave raunchily.

Robin Hood- cool nickname for boys that always put the girls first.

Rockstar - a man who is super at everything he does; a leader; a great guy.

Romeo - one whose heart beats only for you.

Names Starting with the Letter S

Sailor - best nickname to call a fearless guy.

Sakura - Japanese for cherry blossom; one who as pure and sweet as the cherry blossoms.

Santa Baby - one who always has a gift to give; one who is extremely jolly and happy in every situation.

Scooby - one who looks like a bodybuilder, but has the heart of a kitten.

Sexy - the guy who makes your heart beat faster.

Sexy Dork - not too intelligent, but sexy and attractive.

Sexy man - a typical he-man body and handsome face.

Sexy Nerd-not so hot in looks, but sexy in his movements and personality.

Shang - one who can do anything; one who is so smart that he make anything happen.

Share bear - one who seems to know everything.

Sheikh - a stinking rich guy, who loves to shower you with lavish gifts.

Shortcake - so handsome that he takes away your breath.

Shot glass - nicknames for boys that are highly intoxicating.

Shy - one who is not very comfortable talking with girls/ women.

Sky - cute nickname for a guy who makes you feel calm and warm.

Smarties - when he is sweeter and more lovable than chocolate.

Snookie Bear - Schnucki in German is sweetie-pie my love, my sweetheart.

Snookums - a hairy man who smells all raw male.

Snowbunny - cute and cuddly beyond imagination.

Snuggle baby - one with whom you are most comfortable and happy.

Snuggle Muffin - A cute pet name for a sweet guy that loves snuggling.

Snuggleable - one with whom you want to snuggle with, cuddle, love.

Snugglebug - a highly affectionate man who exudes only warmth and happiness.

Snuggles- one with whom there are no emotional boundaries.

Snuggy - one whom you love without limits.

Soldier - one who does everything you say without any question; who loves you unconditionally.

Sona (Precious in Indian) - Hindi for gold, precious, my love, my life.

Soul Mate - one with whom you want to spend the eternity.

Spanky - sexy nickname for a guy who loves to spank you playfully.

Spark - best nickname for boys that bring out the crazy part of you.

Spark of my life - one who makes life worthwhile around you.

Sparkles - one whose presence turns dull into exciting.

Sparky - one who electrifies you.

Spiky - one who loves kissing and touching.

Sport - a guy who is fun to be around.

Spunky - one who has a huge presence.

Squeakers - one who is fully grown up man in body, but still innocent like a child in mind (not mentally retarded, but a simple person in heart and mind).

Squishy - An adorable nickname for a boy with a kind and soft heart.

Stallone (Stud in Italian) - one who makes you weak at the knees with his handsome body and face.

Star - one who know to get the best out of life and make all others around feel on the top of the world.

Strawberry - one who is very seductive, sensual, sexy.

Stud - one who exudes raw sensuality.

Stud Monkey -nicknames for boys that are handsome and playful.

Stud Muffin - attractive and delightfully friendly.

Studley - a guy with a delightful sarcastic edge.

Suga - short for sugar; one who is very sweet.

Sugams - a sweet name to call your sweet boyfriend.

Sugar -one who touches your heart and mind.

Sugar Boogah - the most special someone.

Sugar Britches - one with sweet looking buttocks, one who is delightfully handsome.

Sugar Cube - one who has a lot of courage; unyielding.

Sugar Daddy - one who is much older, but sexy and seductive.

Sugar dumpling - sweet and delicious in every possible way.

Sugar honey pie - my sweetheart, my love.

Sugar Lips - one whom you cannot stop kissing.

Sugar Muffin - sweet and excruciatingly sexy.

Sugar Pie - one who makes your life sweet and happy.

Sugar Plum - kissable, cute, handsome, love.

Sugar Puff - one who is good enough to eat; love, sweetheart.

Sugar Puss - for an adorable and genuinely loving boyfriend.

Sugar Smacks - one who loves kissing.

Sugary - one who is intoxicatingly sexy.

Sunbeam - one who brings light into your life.

Sunny - good nickname for a hot guy.

Sunshine - one who lights up your world.

Super Stud - hot stuff!

Superman - one who does the impossible all the time.

Superstar - attractive and friendly guy.

Sweet cheeks - nicknames for boys with a kissable face.

Sweet pea - a sweet name to call your attractive and sexy boyfriend.

Sweet Stuff - nickname for guys that are sweet and adorable.

Sweetest ethereal - divinely elegant.

Sweetie - darling, angel, sweetheart.

Sweetie pie - someone extremely close to your heart.

Sweetness - one who is playfully affectionate and hugely lovable.

Sweet-thang - wise, sexy and handsome.

Sweetum - cute pet name for a remarkably sweet man.

Names Starting with the Letter T

Tarzan - raw sensuality, innocent in heart and mind.

Tator-Tot - one who is fat, but cuddly and lovable.

Teddy - so sexy that no one can resist hugging.

Teddy Bear - sweet, huggable, adorable, sexy.

Tender heart - perfect nicknames for boys with a generous heart.

Thundermuffin - nickname for guys with a sweet and electric personality.

Tiger - fiercely sensuous, sexy, handsome.

Tiger Toes - a hot and naughty nickname for guys.

Tiggy - short for tiger.

Tinkerbell - hyperactive, handsome and attractive.

Toots - another form of baby or darling.

Tootsie- wonderfully comic; one who makes you laugh.

Tootsie Wootsie - one whom you love because you are happy with him.

Tough Guy - one who rarely smiles, but is drop dead gorgeous.

Treasure - priceless, my life.

Tricky - one whom you find interesting, impressive, attractive and sexy.

Tripod- A hot and sexy nickname to call your boyfriend; it means two legs and one pee-pee.

Tum-Tums - one who is always hungry for love/ sex.

Turtle squid - one who has his hands all over; sexy and sensuous.

Twinkle - best friend and lover.

TwinkleToes - one who is clumsy while walking.

Unicorn - hot guy whom everyone wants, but is only yours.

Vivitar - cute nickname for a funny and almost cartoony guy.

Wiggle Bear - one who moves very light on his feet despite his weight.

Wink-a-dink - one who matches heart, mind, and soul.

WinkyDink - raw sensuous man.

Winnie - most amazing body.

Wolfie - powerful, awkward and very sexy.

Wordsmith - cute name to call your sweet talking boyfriend.

Wookie - one who totally carefree and happy.

Wookums - one who loves without limits.

Wuggles - one who is constantly hugging, cuddling, kissing.

Xoxo - one who is totally faithful and sincere in his love.

Yummers - tasty, sexy and yummy in every way.

Yummy Bear - hot, cuddly big-bodied man.

P.s - 

You can modify these nicknames to come up with unique pet names for your boyfriend. Do not let us to stand in the path of your imagination! Release it free and imbued it with the love gthat you have for him and your creativity goddess will sparkle.Your love is unique, so prove it that you know him better than anyone else.

Final Thoughts

So this was our list of cute nicknames for your boyfriend. Please feel free to add some more in the comments if you have any brilliant ideas.

A bit of a warning, if he is not excited about pet names, do not take it personally--not everyone loves pet names. Some people may find them alienating, some really like their own names or at least, they are way too accustomed to them to give up on them. Others may find a nickname as cheesy, but usually, those are the people that have not yet grown up into their emotionally mature selves. Be patient, either way.

You can warm him up to the suggestion of a nickname and see how he reacts. You could suddenly start calling him by different pet names and observe how he reacts. If he is from the start appalled by them, you know that you have to have a conversation with him. If he does not say anything at first, it means that he may be also curious to see how this –pet name thing- will gonna play out. Then, see how he will take it long-term. Maybe in turn he will find a cute nickname for you, too.

There may also be the third option in which he beams with delight at the cute nickname you found for him. He may feel more loved and definitely more appreciated when he will see how much thought you have put into it.

Until you find one that makes him happy, try as many nicknames as you can. For sure you will find that great match that will simply click! However, do not creep him out; one week is probably too early to use nicknames like soulmate. Start with sweet or funny boys nicknames and work your way up to cute pet names for him. Lastly, it is even better if there is a sweet story behind a nickname.


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