50 Cool and Funny Rabbit Names

Do you have a new rabbit and are looking for a reliable and/or hilarious moniker to bestow upon it? Here are 50 rabbit names–some from fiction and mythology while others are just separated by color or into silly and less-silly. Take your pick!

Rabbit Names Based on Fictional Characters

We know how easily one can be overwhelmed with all the possible names you can give your pet rabbit. So, here’s a list of popular rabbit names based on fictional characters to help you get started. For your convenience, we’ve separated the names for female rabbits and male rabbits.

Female Rabbit Names


​From the eponymous Babbitty Rabbity, a children’s story set in the universe of Harry Potter.


​The main character of Watership Down.


​Though technically not a rabbit herself, she is married to a rabbit in Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and has the last name “Rabbit.” This a good name choice for those pretty and naughty female rabbits.


​The famous mascot bunny of Cadbury’s Caramel bar. As her name suggests, she displays a caramel-colored fur.

Male Rabbit Names


​You can’t have a list of rabbit names without the most famous rabbit of them all. Bugs Bunny would feel bad.

​Bun Bun

​The name of the dangerous and sometimes-psychopathic rabbit in the Sluggy Freelance comic strip.


​An intelligent and psychic rabbit in Watership Down.


​The semi-terrifying lead character of the Bunnicula series. He’s a rabbit who’s also a vampire.


​For “March Hare”–the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland who’s late, late, for a significant date.


​Like “Peter Rabbit” and “Peter Cottontail,” two of the most famous fictional rabbits of all time. If you have two male rabbits to name, then these two would be perfect for them.


​The name of a six-foot imaginary rabbit in the film Harvey.


​The main character of The Tale of Benjamin Bunny by Beatrix Potter.


​The imaginary playmate of the child in Chocolat.


​The name of the cuddly subject of The Velveteen Rabbit.


​The rabbit who lays those delicious chocolate eggs.


​The zany, madcap protagonist of Who Framed Roger Rabbit? You can give this name to any of your white male rabbits with a silly and hyperactive personality.

Rabbit Names by Color

One of the easiest tricks in coming up with a good name for your pet rabbit is to simply look at how he or she looks like. You might think naming a bunny after a color sounds too unimaginative. Well, here is our list of some of the most popular rabbit names inspired by the different colors of their fur to prove you wrong.


​Perfect for a rabbit with many small spots all over their body like the English Spot breed.


​Got an all-white rabbit? Try a snow name like “Flurry.”

​White Lightning

​Another name for a white rabbit–particularly one that is an exceptionally fast hopper. This goes to show that you can create cool bunny names by combining both their looks and skills.


​Another name for the spotted breeds; it’s also somewhat unique and fun to say.


​Have a female, chocolate-brown bunny? Godiva is the perfect name.


​Good for a reddish-brown color, the name also shortens easily to “Hoggy.”


​A black or dark-furred rabbit with a mysterious past. It is one of the most straightforward and awesome male rabbit names you can give your pet.


​Amber is the ideal name for a rabbit with a golden coat.


​Works for a boy or a girl rabbit with gray fur.


​Greyscale is a cute name for a rabbit with black-and-white coloration.

Rabbit Names of Mythology

Do you want to take it up a notch and be crazy unique with your list of bunny names? The world of Mythology is a good place to start. If you’re looking for rare and interesting male rabbit names, you can pick from one of these names below.


​The old spelling of “Easter”–makes for a hip rabbit name.


​“Jack” for short; the Jackalope is a mythological rabbit with antlers.


​Speaking of rabbits with antlers, the wolpertinger is a flying, antlered rabbit from Bavarian folklore.


​A half-rabbit, half-cat creature from mythology.


​From Arabic folklore, Almiraj is a rabbit with a unicorn horn.


​A kind of tall-tale Swedish snipe, the skvader is half-rabbit, half-bird.


​Though Inaba is just a region in Japan, the “Hare of Inaba” is about a famous mythical rabbit who tricks travelers.


​The name of a Native American trickster rabbit god.


​The name of a trickster rabbit in African mythology.


​Ometotchtli is the head of an Aztec crew of rabbit gods who like to party, and no I didn’t just make that up.

Funny Rabbit Names

As if bunnies aren’t adorable enough, you can dub them with funny rabbit names and it will surely make things even better.


​Everyone loves a good jumping pun when it comes to rabbit names.

​Ears McKenzie

​For the rabbit with positively enormous ears.


​A simple name that’s easy for kids to remember, but it works best when paired with another rabbit named “Clyde.”


​Have a male and a female rabbit? You can’t go wrong with “Bunny and Clyde.”

Jumposaurus Rex

​“J-Rex” for short, this rabbit name will send lesser bunnies scurrying.


​Another name for a bunny is a “lop,” and “Loplop” sounds exactly like a cartoon rabbit.


​Obvious, really, and also the name of the beloved Sheriff in Stranger Things.


​Good for a nervous rabbit, but it also describes their twitchy noses and tails.


​Because who names a rabbit Andrew?

​Santa Paws 

​This rabbit name is for the type who wants Christmas year-round.


​Everybody loves Elmo–the adorable red toddler-Muppet from Sesame Street.


​Bunnies are traditionally tricksters; why not name yours after the most well-known trickster around?


​You can’t go wrong with a rabbit name that just sounds fun to say.


​This name works best for a rabbit with either a yellowish coat or the ability to shoot lightning bolts.


​Just make sure you don’t use your rabbit as a sponge. They’re no good for exfoliating. Too soft.

Cute Rabbit Names

Rabbits are naturally cute and cuddly, so a cute moniker that perfectly complements their nature is a perfect way to flatter them.


​Because who doesn’t love Oreo? This is perfect for the cutest white and black rabbit in the household.


​For the squishy and soft bunny.

​Flopsy mopsy

​From the book “The Tale of Peter Rabbit”. Originally, Flopsy and Mopsy are two separate names but they just sound cuter when combined as a single name. This works even better when you have another female rabbit with the name Cottontail.


​Two words: bunny munchkin.

Jump on The Perfect Rabbit Name

Where you own a rabbit, there are often more – they’re known for their ability to multiply. Once you’ve found the right name for the right hare, make sure you put a couple of these other pet names in your pocket, just in case.


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