50+ Edgy Names

Edgy names are modern.

If you’re the type of parent who is planning on raising a pretty cool kid, then choosing an edgy name for him or her is a good place to start.

These days, celebrities are choosing to name their children over-the-top-edgy names. And who can blame them? Most people nowadays, especially soon-to-be parents, are on the hunt for unique names.

A name inspired from a fruit can be edgy–it’s just a matter of picking the right one. Naming your kid after the city you grew up in can also be edgy. Do you love Paris? Well, that sounds like a cool name for a pretty baby girl. Colors as names for girls or boys can be pretty edgy too. Violet, for example, is an edgy name and a lot of people would agree on that.

With this as a standard, there’s hardly any limit to what you could name your child.

However, if you’re not looking to go to this extreme in edgy names and would settle for unique names instead, we have created a list of acceptable edgy names for everyone who ISN’T Kim Kardashian or Beyoncé.

List of Edgy Names Without Going to The Extent of Naming your Kid After a Fruit

We have compiled and categorized three lists of edgy names, depending on your child’s gender.

Whether your little bundle of joy is male, female or if you prefer to choose a gender-neutral name (which is also another way to develop a sense of edginess) there is an option that is just perfect.

Deciding on a new child’s name can involve a lot of pressure – we get that. On top of everything else that’s involved in welcoming a new child, choosing the perfect name may involve a lot of thought.

There are plenty of baby names that you can possibly give your child. However, your child deserves a unique name that helps him/her stand out in the world. Choosing an edgy name is a great way to accomplish this.

Find the Perfect Edgy Name for Boys

So, you’re having a baby boy! How exciting. Edgy names for boys always work out well. It’s doubtful there’s a male in the world who has an edgy name and isn’t thankful for their parents’ name choice.

Thankfully, you have a lot of edgy names to choose from.

These days, most edgy boy names contain the letters x, y, or z in the, making them unique but not over the top.

There are also some edgy names that are spin-offs of classic names. For instance, the second name on this list is “Zak,” which is a modernized and shortened version of Zachary.

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Remember, these lists are here to inspire as well. They may ignite a totally unique idea that you can use instead!

Here are the top 17 best edgy names for boys:

















​Find the Perfect Edgy Name for Girls

This category is becoming much more popular these days.

Women are rising to the forefront as strong, powerful and unique individuals. With this comes the need to match their inner beauty with equally edgy girl names.

Edgy names are definitely the way to go.

If you love names that are inspired by other languages, this list is for you. It incorporates a combination of French, Irish and modernized English names to bring a unique and flavorful assortment:

















​Find the Perfect Gender-Neutral Edgy Name

Gender-neutral is popular these days for a number of reasons. Whether you believe your child should choose his/her own gender or if you think it will give your baby girl a workplace advantage, you may be more drawn to this list.

Alternatively, if you like how trendy gender-neutral names are these days, we have a list of awesome and cool names to choose from.

It’s rare to find a truly gender-neutral name. A popular way of creating gender-neutral names these days is by changing the spelling of a traditionally male name to make it more feminine. For instance: Charlie (male) –> Charleigh (Gender-neutral).

For this list, we’ve used names that have become popular as cool edgy names but in a gender-neutral situation:



















​Edgy Names at a Glance

Edgy names are becoming popular almost everywhere you look.

Choosing an edgy name for your child gives them the advantage of standing out and feeling unique. As you know, there’s no child like your own, so the name you choose should show that. It is even better if it comes with a really strong meaning behind it.

The great thing about the three lists that we provided is that they are edgy, yet still hold meaning and can be linked to interesting origins.

It’s important to make sure that the name you choose for your little boy or girl has depth as well as style. You never know – 20 years from now, traditional names may be popular again!

It would be pretty rough going through that phase with the name “pillow.”

Above all, have fun with the name and add your own flare to make your baby boy/girl’s name extra special.

If you want a cute geeky/ nerdy name for your girl or boy, we have suggestions for you here.


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