50 Cool Bird Names for Your Feathered Friend

Birds come in all shapes and sizes, meaning you’re going to want a unique, meaningful bird name that suits your new companion. With 50 bird names separated into 5 categories, you’ll be able to explore all your possible choices.


Foreign Names That Mean “Bird”

If you’re looking for cool pet bird names that don’t necessarily have complicated meanings but still sound like they do, then this list is for you. Note that some of these names will initially appear to be more difficult to pronounce than your birds’ scientific names. So, please refer to the notes indicating their right pronunciation.

Oiseau – Oiseau means “bird” in French. Pronounced as “wez-OOO.”

Uccello – Italian for “bird,” the name is pronounced as “ooo-CHELL-oh.”

Ibon – The Filipino word for “bird,” pronounced as “ee-BON.”

Pták – Czech for “bird,” pronounced as “puh-TAH.”

Niǎo – Pronounced as “ne-YOW,” meaning “bird” in Chinese.

Vogel – Dutch for “bird,” Vogel is pronounced “vo-HHOLE.”

Manu – Manu is the Maori word for “bird.”

Pasăre – Pronounced as “PEH-sir-ey,” this is the Romanian word for bird.

Avem – The Latin word for bird, pronounced as “AH-vem.”

Akureyri – Akureyri is not another foreign language translation of the word “bird,” but it is a city in Northern Iceland famous for its bird-watching sites.



phoebe bird names



Bird Names in Other Languages

If you’re tired of using English names and don’t want a foreign name that’s just a literal translation of the word bird, then this list should give you some ideas. Again, they don’t have that life-changing backstory but should still pass for the cool bird names category.

Deryn – A Welsh girls name, meaning “bird.”

Kanara – A name of Hebrew origin that means “little bird.”

Tori – A Japanese name that means “bird.”

Alouette – A female French name, meaning “lark.”

Aquila – An ancient Roman name that means “eagle.”

Asuka – Another Japanese name, for male or female, meaning “bird.”

Bran – Like the character in Game of Thrones, Bran is a Welsh name that means “raven.”

Corbin – Another boys name meaning raven, this name hails from France.

Talako – A Choctaw name, Talako means “eagle.”

Vega – An awesome name, Vega is Arabic for “the swooping eagle.”


Mythical Bird Names

If you want cool bird names inspired from different mythical creatures, here’s a list of popular bird names picked out from various folklore.

Alicanto – A glowing golden bird from Chilean mythology that would make a great name for a yellow bird.

Phoenix – This classic and legendary bird can rise from the ashes. It’s perfect for an owner who believes in perseverance and can also be a good name choice for a stubborn bird.

Horus – The name of the falcon-headed Egyptian god of the sky. Horus would be perfect for a falcon or any other bird of prey.

Feng Huang – In Chinese mythology, Feng Huang is the “Phoenix” of Chinese mythology. It is made up of two birds: the male bird, Feng and the female bird, Huang. These two represent the Yin and the Yang.

Benu – Benu is another Egyptian name. He was the bird whose call started the creation of the world. He sometimes wore a crown and was often linked with Osiris.

Garuda – Garuda is the legendary bird in Hindu mythology who served as Vishnu’s personal steed. His Japanese equivalent is known as “Karura.”

Ziz – A name from Jewish mythology. Ziz was an enormous bird that could blot out the sun with its wings. It’s the “air monster”–equivalent to the Leviathan (water) and the Behemoth (earth).

Ornithes – A staple of Greek myth, Ornithes Areioi were man-eating birds that caused trouble on Hercules, and Jason and his Argonauts. That said, it is a perfect Greek myth name for birds of prey.

Liderc – The Liderc is a supernatural being from the Hungarian myth that takes on different shapes of bird-like creatures. They were often servants of witches and warlocks. The Liderc is said to hatch by placing a chicken egg in a human’s armpit–which is pretty weird.

Roc – A bird of legend, the Roc was so big it could scoop up a cow in each talon.



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Fast Bird Names

If there’s one cool thing about birds that their owners are most likely jealous about, it is their ability to fly. So, how is your bird’s flying skills? Did you know that you can name your pet based on how quick, fast, or graceful they fly?

Dart – Are you looking for bird names for a small and quick species of bird? Dart works perfectly.

Jet – A high speed, loud, and high-flying name for a bird.

Blue Streak – Any kind of blue-colored bird species with a penchant for speed could easily earn the name “Blue Streak” or maybe just a parrot who uses too much inappropriate language.

Speedball – Have a sparrow that’s bouncing off the cage walls? I dub thee Speedball.

PDQ – Pronounced “pee dee cue,” PDQ is an Air Force abbreviation for “pretty darn quick,” only they don’t say “darn.”

Jiffy – Not just a name for popcorn, this is a mantle you could hang on any fleet, feathered friend.

Flash – A fantastic name because it describes what you’re seeing and it reminds everyone of a certain speedster in red tights.

Flurry – What does it look like when those feathers go flying? A flurry, of course.

Chop Chop – Especially appropriate for a funny-looking bird that can really haul.

Pronto – Basically the Spanish version of “Chop Chop,” adding a little more flair to your bird.


Funny Bird Names

Who said you can’t make fun of your feathered companion? It’s not like they would complain if you call them any of these funny names.

Puff Puff – A fat bird with a lot of down, “Puff Puff” is a killer name.

Redbeak – Does your bird nip at fingers near his cage? Redbeak will strike fear in anyone’s heart.

KFC – Pronounced as “Kayeffsee” all in one run. It might be a great name for a bird that irritates you on the regular.

Siren – Speaking of annoying birds, this might work for a bird whose song is not appreciated.

Beady-Eyes – Does your bird give you the stink-eye too often?

Birda – Like “Berta,” get it?

Bird-Brain – A classic bird name for a dumb bird.

Big Bird – This works as either a name for a huge bird or an ironic name for a tiny bird.

Tom – This one really only works for a Turkey, but it’s a classic.

Travis – Why Travis? Because who names a bird Travis?

Unique Bird Names With Cool Meanings

Casper –  It’s admittedly not one of the most popular bird names around. But, it’s a perfect moniker for your dominantly white pet bird–just because it’s typically associated with Casper the friendly ghost. Also, it is derived from the Chaldean name “Gizbar” which means “treasure.”

Morgan – The name came from the Welsh term “Morcant.” “Mor” means “sea” while “cant” means “circle.” Collectively, the name means “sea defender” or “sea chief,” making it an ironic but unique and meaningful pet bird name.

Spike – The fact that this name is likely given to a pet dog, it deserves to be on the list of unique and cool names for birds. It’s commonly associated with spiky or pointy hair, so it will best suit those species of birds with the said characteristic such as a Cockatiel.

Merlin –  A Merlin is a type of Falcon, but the name has various meanings aside from being just a direct reference to the said bird species. In Welsh, it means “sea fortress.” In Arthurian legend, Merlin was the trusty wizard mentor of King Arthur.

Zazu  – If you’ve seen the movie The Lion King, then you must know Zazu–the King’s majordomo who happens to be a hornbill with a prominent red beak. In Hebrew, the name Zazu means “movement.”

Find the Bird Name That’s Right for You

Whether you’re a pet owner looking for a bird name for a new companion, or a birdwatcher hoping to name a new species, or a screenplay writer just looking for a cool name that means “eagle,” you should have all the inspiration you need by now.

Whatever name you choose from this list or maybe from other sources, make sure it’s something that fits your pet bird perfectly–a moniker that complements his or her personality and appearance, something that you’d love to call him or her, and most importantly, a name that your bird would willingly respond to.


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