28 Bird Names You Can Use for Your Baby Girl

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of birds?

Well, it depends on the type of bird.

Some are soft and peaceful, others are powerful hunters. Some symbolize love and beauty while others epitomize the connection between heaven and Earth.

It’s easy to see why naming baby girls after one of these symbolic creatures have become a popular idea.

There are a lot of bird names for girls that parents can choose from. This gives them the opportunity to give their little bundle of joy a unique and personable name that the whole family will adore.

Let your baby girl name-hunting soar with this collection of bird names for girls

birds bird names

List of Bird Names for Girls

1. Robyn

When you hear the name Robyn, the red robin bird probably comes to mind. This name is of German origin and means “bright fame.” It’s a good choice for those parents who want an edgier name for their daughter.

2. Merle

This beautiful name is of French and Latin origin which means “blackbird.” It is a variant of Merrill or Muriel and therefore, it can be used for boys or girls.

3. Wren

One of the most famous avian-inspired baby names, Wren was on the top 1000 baby name list in the United States in 2013 and jumped 300 spots in only a year. It is of Old English origin that basically refers to a type of songbird. In Welsh, the name means “ruler.”

Initially, Wren was regarded as a boy’s name but has now become an acceptable name for a daughter. If you’re a fan of gender-neutral baby names, this one is a good choice.

4. Hula

The native American name for “eagle.”–powerful and unique.

5. Fechine

Fechine is an Irish baby name which is derived from the Gaelic word “fiach”, meaning “raven”.

6. Colm

An Irish name meaning “dove”. If you’re a fan of this bird species, Colm is a unique alternative of calling your daughter a name that’s inspired by it.

7. Ava

Derived from the Latin word “avis”, meaning “bird.” Along with it’s simple and beautiful translation, Ava has a wonderfully modern feel to it.

8. Phoenix

This Greek name is derived from the colorful and mythical phoenix bird. It is known to live for a thousand years before it bursts into flames and ultimately rise-up from its ashes. Phoenix is one of the many girl baby names with an edgy ring to it. So, it would be a perfect moniker for a resilient daughter.

9. Evelyn

Evelyn is of English origin and translates to “little bird” in German.

lark bird names

10. Lark

Songbirds are probably one of the most popular species of birds that inspire parents when naming their babies. In fact, Lark is another name that literally refers to the Lark songbird. It is derived from the Middle English word larke.

11. Paloma

This beautiful baby girl’s name means “dove” in Spanish.

12. Aya

Similar to Ava, this Hebrew name means “bird” and is thought to be related to the name Avis.

13. Gannet

The meaning of Gannet is “goose”. It is of German origin and although this may seem unappealing at first, it can make for a modern update of the name Janet.

14. Teal

This blue-green shade of color can be related to the Eurasian teal which is a type of duck that features the said hue on its wings and head.

15. Deryn

This Welsh name means “bird.” Although it’s not one of the most modern bird names for girls, it is slowly being brought back as a strong woman’s name.

16. Rhea

Rhea is the name of a large, flightless bird, cousins to the ostrich. It’s also the name of Zeus’ mother, a famous goddess.

17. Starling

Starling is the name of a bird found in most areas of the world. It’s colorful and sometimes shiny appearance helps it stand out.

18. Circe

This Greek name comes from the word “Kirke” which means “bird.” It’s also the name of the sorceress in the story of Odysseus.

19. Loa

This modern-sounding bird name for girls is of Scandinavian origin, meaning “spring bird.”

20. Sephora

Sephora is a royal-sounding name and means “bird” in Hebrew. It’s a simplified form of Moses’ wife’s name, Tzipporah.

21. Kestrel

This unique name is derived from the name of a smooth-flighted type of falcon.

22. Drora

This is a Hebrew name, meaning “sparrow”.

23. Philomela

This beautiful name comes from the Greek words “love” (Philo) and “song” (mela). Collectively, the name means “lover of song.”

24. Celandine

Although this is a name of a flower, the term is originally derived from an Ancient Greek word that means “swallow”. The inspiration was taken from a type of a small bird called Swallow whose presence is said to cause the Celandine flowers to bloom.

25. Branwen

Branwen is a bird-inspired name that is subtle and pretty. The name means “beautiful raven” and is derived from the Welsh words: bran, meaning “raven” and gwen, meaning “fair, white, and blessed”.

26. Aderyn

Aderyn is a Welsh name, meaning “bird”. Addie is a cute way to turn this into a nickname.

27. Tori

In America, Tori is often a nickname for the name Victoria. However, in Japanese, Tori means, “bird”.

phoebe bird names

28. Phoebe

Among the few meanings for the name Phoebe, it’s also the name of a bird found in America. Unmistakably, Phoebe is also the name of the zany character on the hit TV show “Friends.”

Bird Names for Girls: Final Notes

There are many beautiful names with strong, confident meanings and origins that you can name your new baby girl. Choosing the perfect name for your new baby can be a tough decision, but when named after an inspiring or mystical bird with a meaningful story behind it, you can’t go wrong.

Funny thing is, it might even encourage her to get a bird tattoo in the future of the actual species that inspired her name. Whether you’re open to that idea or not, the point is that when she is old enough to understand the inspiration behind her name, she will most likely grow up to become one of the “modern birds” that personify the strengths of these beautiful Aves.

Most importantly, she will leave your nest as an empowered and independent woman that you’ve always wanted her to be.

Did we miss any bird names for girls on here? Which bird names are your personal favorites? Message us below to let us know!

We can also help you choose a nickname for your baby girl here.


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