50 Pokémon Nicknames by Type (twelve characters)

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Do you have the itch to “Catch ‘Em All?” Do you turn your cap backward every time you see a wild Pidgey? You’ve got the Pokéballs, the Pokédex, and the willpower to be the very best (like no one ever was), but you’re only missing one important factor: the right nickname for your Pokémon.

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Does your Haunter, Ghastly, Shuppet, or Mismagius need a nickname? Check out these spooky offerings.

Spectre – Not just the name of a Bond villain organization, it’s also a solid choice for a ghostly Pokémon.

Sorrow – Ghosts are sad because they’re dead.  

Phantom – You could also spell it “Fantom” or “Phantam” for extra style points.  

Sepulcher – An old-world word for a tomb or crypt.

Spookypants – Because . . . why be serious all the time?


Why go with “Psyduck” or “Uxie” when you can land a Pokemon nickname you’re not going to run into at the tournament?

Mindbreaker – Does your psychic Pokémon shred brains? This is the name you need.

Ego – The mind’s construct of self, “Ego” makes a fantastic name for a psychic Pokémon.

Cerebella – For a female Pokémon with psionic powers.

Cerebro – The male equivalent of Cerebella. You could also go with “Cerefella.”

Enkefalos – The Greek word for brain, it practically sounds like its own Pokémon.


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Grass Pokémon represent nature and green, growing things, so here are a few names to match.

Verdanta – Or Verdonto for male Pokémon, the name means “green.”

Ceres – Ceres was the Roman god of growing plants.

Aja – An African spirit of the forest.

Arduinna – In Celtic myth, Arduinna is a goddess of the forest.

Zivilyn – A nature deity in the Dragonlance novel setting.



Don’t be shocked (eh?) if you fall in love with one of the Pokemon nicknames for an electric-type.

Tesla – Named for the father AC current and noted brilliant scientist.

Raiden – Named for the Japanese god of storms and lightning.

Zappz – Not every nickname has to be a classical reference: nobody is messing with Zappz.

Mjolnir – The name of Thor’s lightning-throwing hammer.

Stormcloud – The storm cloud is the source of all lightning, after all.


Check out these five insectoid names for your bug-type Pokémon:

Waspinator – The name of the cowardly wasp in Transformers: Beast Wars, “Waspinator” is a fantastic name for a Beedrill or a Venomoth.

Aristaeus – The Greek god of bee-keeping, believe it or not.

Parvati – According to Hindu myth, Parvati killed a demon with a horde of black bees.

Ittybitty – Because insects are cute, and small, like this name.

Tithonus – Another name from Greek myth, Tithonus was a man who turned into the first cicada.


Shale – A type of rock, Shale is a strong, sharp name.

Jagger – For “Mick Jagger,” one of the most famous rock gods.

Terra – Latin for “Earth,” it also makes a great nickname for a female Pokémon.

Lapis – The name of a jewel, it’s also the Latin word for “stone.”

Eva Lanch – A punny name for “Avalanche.”

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Want a better name than “Charmander” or “Pansear?” One of these fiery names should light a fire under your imagination.

Ignis – Latin for “fire.”

Hephaestus – The hideous Greek god of fire and the forge.

Immolata – Derived from “immolate,” to burn something down to nothing.

Raze – Raze also means to “burn to the ground.”

Frikkshun – A fun, Pokémon-esque spelling for “friction.”


Travel into the unknown and unknowable fey woods with one of the fairy pokemon nickname.

Oberon – King of the faeries in Shakespearean writings.

Sprinkle – Faeries live to sprinkle people with fairy dust, after all.

Tam Lin – The name of a fairy knight in the song Tam Lin.

Robin – For “Robin Goodfellow,” an alias of the trickster fairy Puck.

Aos Si – An Irish myth, the Aos Si were a race of elves.


Here are five pokemon nickname that will save your water Pokémon from ending up all washed up.

Neptune – The Roman god of the ocean, and the name of our very own water planet.

Tidalia – From “tidal,” Tidalia is a powerful nickname for a female Pokémon.

Crest – Like the crest of a wave, not the toothpaste.

Coral – So named for the otherworldly undersea landscape made up of millions of tiny creatures.

Callypso – An ancient goddess of the sea and storms.

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Chucknor – You know what they say about Chuck Norris? He doesn’t sleep . . . he waits. 

Wick – After “John Wick,” the frightening assassin in the movie John Wick.

Pugilo – Derived from “pugilism,” the art of violence with fists.

Stunner – For the infamous “Stone Cold Stunner” wrestling move.

Tatum – Drederick Tatum was the name of the Mike Tyson lookalike in The Simpsons.

A Nickname for any Pokémon

No Pokémon should be saddled with just the default moniker, so make sure you return to this list whenever you need a little inspiration.


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