50 Hilarious And Classy Hamster Names For You To Choose From

hamster on the grass

If you’re searching for the perfect name for your new hamster, we’ve got a list of 50 right here. A fancy name gives your hamster a touch of class, and we’ve also got a few fictional characters that work great as hamster names.

Hamster Names that are Way Too Fancy

​The Emperor

​Nothing will grant your hamster a sense of weight and authority like “the Emperor.”

​The Last Hamster

​Maybe not technically accurate, but your hamster is going to feel very special with this hamster name.


​An extremely masculine name and a noble title, all wrapped up in one.


​You could call him “Archie,” but why deprive him of the dignity of “Archibald?”


​Archimedes was Merlin’s pet owl and is way too grand a name for a hamster, which makes it fantastic.  


​An old British name, it’s also get “King” right there in the name.


​It’s kind of a deep legacy to give a hamster, but who’s going to stop you?


​Put a pyramid in their terrarium and you have one grand hamster. 

​His Royal Nibbles

​Don’t be surprised if “His (or Her) Royal Nibbles” starts making wild demands of you.

​Furry von Hamovich

​This name speaks for itself, really.


​King Author’s wife makes for a surprisingly elegant hamster name.

​Wilhelmina, Duchess of Woodchip

​You don’t have to add the title on every time you say it, but you’ll know it’s there.

Hamster Names Based off Fictional Characters

a small hamster with its black and white soft fur which suits any cute hamster


​Tribbles were the name of the tiny furry balls of fluff in Star Trek. Apropos, eh?


​Small, wise, and true, this hamster name will lend an air of wisdom to your fluffy friend.


​ If you have a hairy companion, why not name him Chewbacca?


​Alright, last Star Wars name, but Wicket is the name of the tiny adorable Ewok that follows Princess Leia around.


​The house elf from Harry Potter, this name pays homage to a true hero.

​The Furminator

​Like the Terminator, but with fur.


​Snowball was the hamster rival of Brain in Pinky and the Brain.


​Shrek’s counterpart in Shrek makes a beautiful hamster name.


​From the Ratchet and Clank series, Ratchet is an adorable and heroic furry lombax.


​Rahne is the name of a hairy werewolf mutant in the X-Men comics.


​Or Wolfwoman, you can use this name to convince your friends that your hamster might be a person.


​All you’ll need is a tiny blue rain coat and a yellow hat.

​Furman Munster

​Based off the patriarch of the Munster family from The Munsters.

Hamster Names that Get Right Down to It

a big white and grey hamster seemingly waiting for awesome hamster

​Ham ‘N Cheese

​Delicious and funny, Ham ‘N Cheese (or just Hammin) makes a solid hamster name.


​Pretty much the technical description of what a hamster is.


​The last name of noir author “Dashiell Hammett,” it also has “Ham” in the name which is hilarious.


​Why not roll a classical literature reference into the name of your adorable hamster?


​King of the hamsters. You could also go with Hamqueen, for the ladies.


​It’s just hamster backwards, but it’s fun to see how long it takes your friends and family to notice that.

​Boo Boo

​A cute name, or a warning to keep your fingers away from his cage? Only one way to find out.


​Small, sweet, and everyone wants one.


​Pretty much the same reason as “Cupcake.”


​An accurate name for a hamster, just don’t dip him or her into honey mustard dressing by accident.


​Why Pickles? Because it makes you smile every time you say it.


​Really only works for an orange-brown hamster. Or a red hamster. 

Shockingly Hardcore Hamster Names

two hands holding a hamster with white and brown fur perfect to get any classy hamster


​For a hamster with speed, fire, and a tendency to drop from outer space.

​Wrecking Ball

​Or just “Wrecker,” Wrecking Ball will strike fear in the hearts of hamsters everywhere.


​Would you mess with a hamster named berserker? Didn’t think so.


​This is a hamster that is in desperate need of a rad pair of sunglasses.


​Perfect for a hamster with dark fur.


​Great for a white or lightly-colored hamster.  


​Is he named for the famous bull “Ferdinand,” or is he just from Spain? Only you’ll know for sure. 


​A tiny ball of destruction for your tiny ball of destruction.


​A name that reminds people of both the fiery self-defense spray and the huge medieval weapon.


​For a spicy hamster that you don’t want to put in your mouth. Actually, please don’t put any hamster in your mouth.


​This name works best for only the most honorable of hamsters.


A pirate name for a hamster that takes what he can and gives nothing back.


​For a big hamster. Like, really big.

​A Hamster by Any Other Name

​Our favorites on the list are “Hotsauce,” “His Royal Nibbles,” and “Chewbacca,” but did you find the hamster name you’re looking for? If not, try naming him or her after your favorite family member, to let them know how much you value and respect them.


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